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unknown sound


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There's a chatter sound that started after disengaging the pto of the truck. Its a 1972 mack dumptruck. Not sure the cause or where to begin but doesn't sound good. Ideas? Its something with the transmission is not disengaging I think. ..

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No. That's not it. Its a new chatter after disengaging the pto. If you push the clutch in it stops. Its coming from the transmission it seems as if something is not totally disengaging but the pto is not turning.

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I had a sound under my hood when I started it one morning before daylight that sound like a siren.I looked down and seen that my alter had stop charging so I shut it off but the sound was still there and now I know its under the hood. I get my light out and raise the hood and out jumped half of a tom cat. The other half was under the belts and they had jumped the pulleys.That old cat crawled off down to the creek before he stopped whining.

glenn akers

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