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A40 Fenders, Running Boards and Hood $700 or B/O


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I have a pair of A40 Fenders, Running Boards and a Hood. These are in great condition with primer on them. I will provide photos upon request. I purchased these from a seller that thought they were selling me A30 fenders. I bought them for a restoration project that I started on an A30. See my other posting for the sale of an A30 parts truck or restoration project.

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Hi, I'm asking a friend who has A30s, A40s & A50s to confirm for me. The fenders I have are not a match for my A30. They are bigger. I've seen his A40s and I thought they were bigger. It's my understanding that the A40 and A50 are the same size

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I have a very good hood but no running boards. I am going to spend some time with a tape measure tomorrow. The fenders also very good shape. Some very minor rust down where they attach to the running boards, but that is all. I will send some pics when I get them too. I am curious if the difference is in width of the wheel well, or length of the opening. I will learn as we go.

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