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What do you guys think about this ch......

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There's a reason its only 15K,good used heavy spec'd Mack would go for twice that amount,my opinion,prolly used up,wore out,and as previously stated,exporters don't want it it because its an electronic engine,my advise would be to pass on it..................................Mark

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Well the ad is wrong its not a CHN, the CHN is a set forward axle, I am pretty sure if it were easily exportable it would have been by now. It looks like a standard CH daycab that someone stretched and added a tag axle to, I don't think its a heavy spec truck with a 9spd and 40k rears on air ride with a single frame I wouldn't call single frame 400hp and a 9 spd on 40k rears heavy, more like light actually. I would guess its had some heavy stuff on it with the look of it and its probably hurt if you looked hard enough, I would guess the frame was cut and scabbed back together behind the cab and while stretching a double frame truck can be done in my eyes, stretching a single frame truck then doing heavy work is asking for trouble.

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84superdog, the guy claims its never been stretched. He's sent pictures of the entire frame but like I said before Miami has always been not a good place for truck buying. I'd really like to find a clean superliner in Florida but they r getting so hard to find.

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