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No Power Divider Lock?

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If its got mack axles and auto per dvdr, if you loose traction spike the brakes it will lock up automatically.

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Mack diffs normaly have the auto power divider....the advantage to them is that when your driving thru a soft spot in the mud it kicks in on the fly as soon as it detects to much slip....way before you know you need it. It also releases automaticly when it sees normal traction.

The down side of this is if it's worn out it may not lock in as quick as needed. For example if your stopped and know you are in the wet grass or mud you may have a little trouble getting started or getting the power divider to kick in. If this is the case this is what you do..

Release the clutch,if the wheels are spinning but truck is not moving, lightly stab the brake pedal and the divider should lock in and transfer power to the wheels with traction.

The automatic power divider with camelback springs is one of the best set ups for the off road.

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Good thanks. It definitely has Mack axles, I'll have to try it and see what happens. The truck seems well maintained so hopefully it works properly. I used to have a Volvo N-10 with T-ride and full lockers, I had one job that was uphill to the paved road. I'd load it and give it a nudge with the skidder to get going and it would push mud with the front axle.

So far I'm impressed with how solid and well built this Mack is.

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