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1984 Caterpillar 943 repaint


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I started in the dirt moving business a little over 2 years ago when I bought this machine from a paving company in Memphis, TN. It had sat up for 5-6 years at that point and was pretty tight but the bucket and undercarriage was wore slap out. I limped it around for a year until I paid it off, then I bought a good used bucket and put on a new set of rails, top and bottom rollers, and sprocket segments. I bought a set of idlers but I'm gonna run the old ones until they fall off first. I finally got around to shooting some paint on it this week. I took all the sheet metal off, jacked the cab up, and pulled the radiator out to get it boiled out. It turned out pretty well, now I just need to get some decals ordered. Sorry if the pics are sideways. I'm minus a computer at the moment.








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