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What do I have here....? (And how do I know...)

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Hi...I'm new here and hope to stay because that would mean I bought my first Mack...YAY ! I found this flatbed dump Mack who's registration says its a 1953. It looks like a B Mack except it has a 1 piece windshield and the old style flaired fenders in front. (like an E but with one piece windshield?) I do not know what the "body number" is or where to find it? I hear its on the end of the frame? Should there be a tag on the door? The registration seems to use the engine number as the serial number...starts with en331 followed by 4 more digits. Can I assume thats the 331 engine? There's also a number-letter code UTD 4026....utility dump maybe? I will be visiting the truck next week and need to know where to find body, frame, engine etc numbers to see exactly what it is. It has a 16'-6" flatbed that dups...the last 4-5 feet of the flatbed slant down a bit at an angle. It has a single dually in the rear. 29,120lbs with seats is the gvw on the registration. Last registered in 2003 or so.......

So...what do we have here and how can I find out?...Thanks, Glenn (owner of two little 1950's chevy pickups so far.....)

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Ok..I'll get pics next visit. I see there's A-20's, A-30's, A-50's etc....what does the number designate? Would that be found on the frame information? Also...I've seen reference to a 330 and to a 331 engine.....what would tell me which one this has? Thanks again...Glenn

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