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'64 Chevy 80


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Bought this at a farm sale today.427,5x2,tag axle, air brakes. Been parked about 10 years, had rebuilt engine and new radiator a year before it was parked.

Hardly any miles on the front tires,they still look good,no dry rot,bias ply 10:00x20's.4 really good 9:00x20 drive tires. I'm going to knock it in the head,if anybody needs any old Chevy parts,speak up fast.


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Unfortunately, the markets seems to be saturated with "tandems", as many farmers have gone to tractor-trailer rigs to haul grain. Thus at every farm auction there seems to be a couple of these, and they're lucky to sell for more than scrap value. Even know of a couple T series cabover tandem grain trucks that haven't moved in years, hope they don't get junked. BTW, it'd be interesting to see how one of those Chevy big blocks converted to run on ethanol would do, 'specially with a pup trailer to give it more payload than a tractor-trailer rig...

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I didn't have my camera at the auction,so no pics,but there where 2 other trucks,if I weren't so cash poor right now I would have bought all 3.There was a '64 CO1800 Cargostar IH,345 with 5 speed on the column,single axle with a cheater,didn't run,poor tires,but cab was rust free,box was rusty.It brought $700. The other was a '81 4070B short sleeper with a 20 ft. box,Big Cam 290 with a 10 speed,twin screw,good tires,floaters on the front,ready to go to work,it brought $2300.

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