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Dynamat vs. the cheap stuff

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If you can get the stuff from 3m or Kent. I work as a professional painter and that is what we put back in Audis and Porsches. seems to be as good as Dynamat. Also a product called lizard skin on your floors I have heard is excellent for heat and noise but I bekieve it is a thick coating.

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Ive used Dynamat in two trucks and a car, awesome stuff, made my 84 RW as quiet inside as my 04 Granite Im kinda the name brand guy I guess, if someone else is making it at a cheaper price its probably a cheaper product and things like that I only want to do once. Now if were talking something like spray paint for steel targets in the back yard thats the .99 cent spray paint, but for things that require a lot of effort I buy the expensive stuff.

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I just finished doing the entire cab including the inside doors with Dynamat Extreme. It is easy to work with but as mentioned more expensive. I got mine from Summit Racing for about $3 something a sq ft. It took 72 sq ft to cover everything but the inside firewall. The factory padding had already been installed along with all the wiring, cables, etc. It sure has a solid sound when thumping. Hope to do a road test in the next couple of days.

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