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2013 Mack

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every garbage truck I have seen with a dpf and that exhaust tip has been charred like that, I bet theres 50 running around mid tn that look that way, I have seen two that were "fixed" by their owners after Mack said they were ok and the intakes starteds to melt, they just put a tall stack on em to get the exhaust up to the cutout in the headache rack and bam fixed, supposedley they run better, cooler and no more charred paint near the exhaust. I hope they get it fixed for ya, seems this has come up here before.

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Anyone else own a new emission mack that looks like this? Is it normal? Any suggestions?

2013 Mack mru613 roughly 26k milesattachicon.gifimage.jpg

I have seen a brand new pinnacle at the dealer with both stacks smoked; something is not right but what is interesting is that there are no codes or check engine lights with that; makes a guy wonder how in the world an engine that is supposed to be super clean runs like that and there are no fault codes.

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