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Todays adventure


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the dash cam came in handy today.. Sun was at the wrong angle, Cam was almost wrong. Was just sitting there waiting for the crew to get me backed in,( Decide they wanted there crane). Had the driverside door open watching when I heard the driver lock them down and looked up in time to see him vear. Old guy 1 year from retiring was pretty rattled. Went and talked to him and he settled down. Told him we had it on vid and showed the cop also made 2 copies 1 for the cop and one for the driver


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Ours is just a webcam taped to the windshield. Goes directly to the comp. what I want is the system that they run on the implements. 1 on the back of the trailer one inside looking out and maybe 1 on the mirror or on the headache rack looking at the load. Goes to a dvr recorder. I got some other things I want to do but Ideas cost money

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Hope this tape proves he did the right thing and the car was in the wrong..

Let me guess ....did they impound the truck for inspection.?

They didn't do anything. The cop looked at the vid,Gave me a couple of disks to make copies and that was it. I didn't see if she got a ticket but no inspection and impound on the truck. When all was said and done he drove away. The car went to the lot to wait for the hook. Idk if it was a dad or what but think they went to pick someone up.

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very lucky...... wouldn't mind having the 963c that was in your photo list. gg2

That friggen pos. I damn near killed the guy at Cat with that machine. This was my first venture on a track loader and it was not good. Grabed the lever I thought to lower the arms and bucket flew up. Had to scratch my head and regroup and just ease the controls to see what they did. Idk what moron engineer thought oh lets reverse all the bucket and arm controls from a rubber tire machine. This ought to be funny

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