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What Fan Belt for a 1963 B61 Mack with 711 engine

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here is a simple way to get your belts and I used this yesterday on a a/c belt. Get a old belt that is still in good shape with proper width but much too long. Rap it around said pulleys and pull tight and over lap the extrax belts side by side then make you a mark across both of the belts and take to parts store and use the belt# and measure the excess amount too long and tell youe parts saleman to substract that amount from the belt # and its good from there.I have found its best to use the women sales person if one is there. Most of them undertand faster what your after.

glenn akers

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went through this a couple months ago, I bought Gates Green Stripe as they are carried by O'reillys. Truck belts are different width than car/light truck Gates part # 9670, for my B61. I would start there and see which way you need to go, if you have the old belts see if it has a number on it and use the Gates interchange http://www.gatespowerpro.com/Comergent/en/US/adirect/gates?cmd=GRCPartInterchangeSearchFrame&CFID=86847941&CFTOKEN=10467979


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Is the 673 different then a 711? I run a pair of matched belts(have to look tonight to get number)from local bearing distributor.

Even a piece of string could be use to get you a close guess. Then see if you need longer/shorter from that.



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