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There are 2 types of 2090 transmissions, long box and short box. Short is synchronized and long has a sliding clutch. If it has the sliding clutch then yes, it will grind. Low range is for 1st, 2nd and 3rd only. With the rear lid off, make sure the fork pinch bolt is tight-these are notorious for being loose. Make sure the air psi to the range cyl. is same as truck air psi. You can see the high range clutches and range sliding clutch teeth with the rear lid off, if there is chipping/damage to the sliding clutch teeth or the clutch discs look burnt/have alot of slack then its bad.

If you choose to fix it yourself, it will be a chore to repair. It requires special tools to remove the synchronizer in chassis. Some dealerships let customers borrow tools.

If, by chance, this has just the sliding clutch, removal of the transmission is your only option for repair. There are no tools for in chassis removal of the rear section on a non synchronized trans.

good luck

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Synchronizer failure. Mack came out with new updated/improved parts that are suppose to prevent premature synchro and related gear failures. Lately we have been replacing trans for synchro failures. Part prices are up and reman trans prices are down. If you take it to a dealer I would price the repair and compare it to the price of replacing and make your decision.

Parts guess about $2500 labor guess $1000.

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