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Heres one for Vinny, U Model Kansas City, MO

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You owe my wife a thank you, she took the pictures today on our way driving through. We first seen the truck Memorial weekend but we did not get any pictures and last week we were trying to get some on our way to a tractor show but the truck was parked where it was not facing traffic.

The truck looks to be in real good shape with fresh paint, nice and shiny and it is hooked to a water tanker

Sorry but I did not stop and get the serial number





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"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


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Nice drive-by photography. I actually saw a red U model myself yesterday. It was parked at a farm on rt. 220, I don't remember if it was in Va. or W.V.

I know the rules, I didn't get a picture, so I didn't really see it.

Same goes for all the all the wimmin hitchhikers yesterday we saw, for some reason my wife didn't want to take any pictures of them, she kept telling my kids "cover your eyes, cover your eyes!!!". I told her at least get a picture of the nudist camp sign, but then she saw some male hitchhikers and I had to speed up before she ran out of memory on the camera, otherwise we wouldn't be able to take pictures of our weekend.

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"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


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