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Antique Mack Fire Trucks

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Being an antique fire truck buff, on 10 year bicycling expedition covering much of the world, I photographed over 500 different vintage fire trucks and was amazed at how many old Mack fire trucks are still in service out there. If you would like to view some of these great antique fire trucks visit: www.firetruckworld.com

Attached are a couple of photos from this site.post-15081-0-25982300-1369957479_thumb.jpost-15081-0-03706400-1369957894_thumb.jpost-15081-0-93855700-1369957913_thumb.jpost-15081-0-41540500-1369957933_thumb.jpost-15081-0-53093500-1369958368_thumb.jpost-15081-0-02946500-1369958445_thumb.jpost-15081-0-51812300-1369958555_thumb.jpost-15081-0-48016700-1369958624_thumb.jpost-15081-0-86774500-1369958712_thumb.jpost-15081-0-94310100-1369958789_thumb.jpost-15081-0-81410700-1369958884_thumb.jpost-15081-0-71405700-1369958969_thumb.jpost-15081-0-63104800-1369959047_thumb.jpost-15081-0-91035800-1369959129_thumb.j

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Very nice trucks, thank you for posting.

What was the 10 years bike trip?

What where the countries and how did you travel between continents?

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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