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Well, the DM sold for $15K. Not too bad. Good news is she is staying in the states! A small father and son excavating company bought it and her new home is Georgia. I'm just glad to see her going to a good home. Now, what to buy??? Any suggestions??? I'm thinking of maybe a small hobby single axle B Model, or R Model. We are planning on heading to Alaska by 2014...so I dont know, maybe I'll have to get a Hayes to fit in up there!

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Hey Gary! I was planning on heading back to the Island, but I got a really good offer for work this winter on the North Slope (oilfield work) I've just been taking it easy, running a few loads here and there with the stepdeck. Other than that, I'm going to jump on the Alaska offer...I bought some land just outside Fairbanks about 10 years ago, I planned on building a small hunting cabin on so I thought this would be as good of time as any to get up there and make some money while enjoying the scenery. The slope work is great because its seasonal, so I can enjoy the summer months. It will be nice to be able to get some time on the Harley and maybe even squeeze some fishing in too. We still have our property out in Moriches, but with all the bullshit laws being passed in New York, I honestly think that I'll keep the Island as strictly a summer get away lol! I have to say, the freedom you have out west is nice...nobody breaks your balls, you are free to do almost whatever, nobody tells me how many bullets my gun can have etc. I broke my ass the last 17 years, made good money and I have to say without having kids (other than our 2 black lab's) its nice to be able to travel the country and get a chance to take it all in! Maybe, just maybe I'll be on Ice Road Truckers next year LOL! Joking, no reality TV shows for me :o)

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