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theres no real way to tell a 20 from and 18 speed quad just by lookin at them unless you took them apart and actually counted teeth.. if you have driven one for a few years you can tell right away which one is double over tho and which one isnt. i had a 10 speed duplex in my B613 before i took it out and out a triplex back in like it had original. the duplex box was cracked and brazed bad so we took all the gears out and out them in a double over quadbox case that had bad bearings. so if anyone looked at it they would be puzzled haha. lots of guys did this back in the day and switched cases or back boxes. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. sometimes it was just to get the truck runnin again. i know a 9 speed duplex and an 18 speed front box might be the same cause they are both overdrive but i dont think you could interchange a direct duplex with an overdrive back box as 5th gear is different.


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