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I agree about TWC...just a channel. I usually turn it on for background "noise" when I travel and the local weather. I was in Lancaster, PA (Akron) and BORED. No "Winfall wimmin in buggies"! I just wish TWC would broadcast ONLY WEATHER. Leave the "drama and reality" TV to some other channel. I did not want to start flipping channels so I "endured" the trucking crap. TWC always "sensationalizes" everything they show. Even the weather is now "sensationalized".

As for the wimmin...not that same. Kelly Cass and Kim Cunningham are the only ones left from the "old days". Kelly is showing the mid-age spread. And Kim...a high class hooker. I wish I could see the video of Kelly's "nipple slip" many years ago. My favorites are long gone...and Jim Cantore...what a hot dog...I am hoping a 2x4 hits him in the head during a hurricane.

This was my favorite!


Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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