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E7 350 Engine Won't Start on Mack CH613 after Repair from a Major Accident


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One of my Dump Trucks was involved in a major frontal collision. The front bumper, Hood, Rad, and Driver Side steering arm were damaged. Otherwise, no other visible or mechanical damage was observed. The Mechanic believes all mechanicals have been repaired but the engine would not start. We have two different electricians have a go at it and nothing has been found. One thing that was noted is that there is no current to the Injectors (Electronic Unit Pumps - EUP). The engine is an E7 350 with Electronic Injection. Current view is that the problem is electrical in nature. I would appreciate any advise from this forum on hour to diagnose this problem further. Thanks a lot.

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Like old mate said, check the sensor on the side of the front cover for the cam. on RHS from memory. Other than that the harness is pretty well protected. If the ECM has had a jolt from a crash it would be worth hooking one up from another truck like mentioned earlier

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