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R model shutters and R, F Model western grill


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Rsteele, if you call me i will gladly give you dimensions you need.

Superdog, why would i take pictures of the whole f-model when i dont want to sell the f-model? just the grill. i want the aluminum sheet metal off it but thats about it. its only a cab. no frame rail, motor, trans, front axle or anything. if there is anything you would be interested in off the cab you can call me.

Mowerman, if you call me i will gladly talk with you about it, maybe we can work out a deal.


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on second thought,,,they look a little rough,is that a paint chip,,in the left side lower???,, thanks for the responce,,,,let me kick it around a bit,,,but i (could) use them...bob

well if they are a little rough, then maybe they arent for you. i listed this stuff for sale to sell, not to talk about how rough the shape is in some peoples eyes. so i will say it again, if anyone is interested in this stuff, my number is listed. anyone that wants parts or wants to talk about f-models, my number is there to call. thank you


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