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You Guys Should Watch This, and Who is This Guy?

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This is a very interesting video. Lots of Mack information and history. They even show a guy demonstrating how to drive an AC, and he says its the first one built!! it also shows this guy with like a whole flipping lot full of Macks, and some good ones too. It reminds me of my friend Mike Harbisons place!!! I see his got a offset cab L model, and I love those and hope to have one someday. The guys name is Tom Spencer. Does anybody know about him? Does he have any U models? Thanks,,, Vinny

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I haven't watched the video, but Tom Spencer made a lot of videos in the nineties. He used to make a video at macungie every year. We have a bunch of them on VCR tape. He had a beautiful Mack BX rigging truck that is one of my favorite trucks ever. He sold that to Iowa 80. He sold everything including his farm in New Ringold, PA and moved to Florida about 6 or 8 years ago. He also had a 1930's GMC truck tractor that was one of a kind that he sold to Iowa 80. There was an article in double clutch about the company it came from a few years back. My parents saw him at Gary Mahan's open house two weeks ago. Hopefully he will be around for Macungie.


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If it is the same Tom Spencer he had a truck restoration shop in Penna. near the Panther Creek Power Plant. About 10 years ago I was hauling coal to power plant there and saw old Macks and some other makes in his yard at end of the day I stopped in to look around and he invited me into his shop to see restoration projects. I asked about him a few years ago and was told he retired.Joe D.

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