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spicer clutch adj. ring

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tried to turn the adjusting ring on the spicer pull clutch and it doesn't want to turn too easy. probably hasn't turned in 15 years. any suggestions short of pulling tranny.( i did have the clutch pedal blocked down) thanks.

I had one that was stuck i used an air chisel to get it to turn. Ron
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I've used the air hammer trick myself. Sometimes they are really stuck but good. I've found having the truck hot is usually best.


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An air chisel is by far the easy way to break it loose. Until you try this you will not realize just how much dust the clutch assembly will collect. Dust created by wear of the friction discs is bad enough. Rotation of the flywheel and clutch assembly must create a vortex to pull outside contaminants into the flywheel housing when the inspection cover is left off. More especially in off road use. From my own observation over the years, and I can think of no other reason, after finding a stuck gommed up adjustment ring and no cover plate. If yours doesn't have a cover, find one and install it.

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