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An Excellent Christmas

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Christmas is always a nice time of the year - some, however, seem to stand out more than others.

This Christmas has been one of those special occasions...

Some of you know that I have been gathering old Macks for a few years - for no other real purpose than to keep them from the salvage torches. Mostly B models and a couple of H cabovers.

But the AC Mack has always held my interest above all of the rest. The work and the progress that our country accomplished during its' production run caps one of the greatest times in our nation's history. And the AC was at the heart of that work. It's the truck that gave Mack the Bulldog moniker.

Anyway - just before Christmas one of my restoration clients asked me to stop in and told me he had something to show me.

Low and behold - outside his warehouse sat a very rusty, very complete 1932 AC Mack.

I was hopeful that we might be getting the restoration project for our shop - but it was Christmas, don't forget.

After learning that he had gotten the truck twenty years prior, and had not done anything with it - I was told that the truck now belonged to me, if I wanted it!

Certainly one of the best Christmas presents I could have hoped for.

Photos will follow soon. The truck is complete, but has been outside in Upstate New York since 1932 - so it needs pretty much everything. It looks like it may have had a lattice boom crane on it most recently, although the crane is long gone. (The passenger's side of the cab has been cut off for the boom to lay during transport) Rumor is that this truck worked on the St. Lawrence Seaway project, and then was used in the logging industry in Northern New York. It was apparently brought from Massena to Rochester quite a while ago, and has been out of service since.

I will be looking for advice and information as the project takes shape - but for now, I am just very happy just to say "I own an AC Mack!"

Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year to Everyone.

Paul Van Scott

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Congratulations. I bought myself an AC pumper for my birthday this past summer. I had to mortgage the house for it, but I finally have one. Lets see some pictures of it and of the H models. I saw the H63 cab in the background in your gallery.


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