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Twin Stick pickup.


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Some Purists might hate me for this, but I'm working on building a pickup, from the ground up, and was playing with the idea of putting a 5 by 4 twin-stick in it. Now I'm fully aware that this is overkill to the max, and that I am going to need t do a lot of modifications and fabrication, but as i said I'm building the truck from the ground up.

What I would like help with is choosing the best option and getting as much information as possible.

p.s. I'm trying to decide between a Caterpillar 3116 or a 12 valve 5.9 cummins

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Sounds like something I wanted to do with my pickup 20+ yrs ago, before twin sticks were "cool".

Not that difficult to do, start with the ZF 5 spd(or whatever they use these days) and find a small spicer box to throw behind it. They are out there if you look in the right places. I suppose if you wanted to go "bigger" you could find a baby quad box, used behind the gassers.

If you get on Youtube and query Detroit diesel pickup you'll find a fellow with a C20 with a 4cyl DD and a twin stick set up. Pretty good video showing him shifting it.



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Look at Gear Venders under drive / over drive set up. I believe you and get electric shift or a mechanical (twin stick) and button it up to a 4 ,5 ,o6 spped New Process gear box.

You could also look for a Brown Lippe Auxilery box for 40's/ 50's medium trucks. Paul



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Unless you are towing alot or working in fields I would just get a 3spd aux. No need to spin that huge deep reduction gear around all the time. Also you will want to look for a tight ratio aux if you are using a 5spd main. In my 5500 I have a 6spd main with a 4spd aux and the ratios are way to close to work all those gears realisticly. I usually just shift 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 4D, 5D, 5O (when really heavy), 6D, 6O. Sometimes I will use another cog but that has to do with the speed limit I am towing at and not the pulling power of the truck. I picked up a Spicer 7041 out of a Reo for $200 and mated it to a G56 trans. Cat vs Cummins. Cummins all day. Find a PPump motor and 600HP is an easy day for it without breaking the bank, not to mention 4k RPMs!

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