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Old Mack Models?

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hows your back feeling Tim???


tuff trucks they were.. and still are!

Yes those 58 rears did like to send you off the seat but the worst ride ever was that RD in my photos' with the 12.24 rubber...I'm 2 inches shorter from bob tailing! Tim

Ah, thanks for the response. That DM800 had a twin stick and the RD600 had an Eaton 8spd Roadranger if you were wondering.

I like the suicide nob on the RD and both have jakes. Love that duplex too! Tim

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Why were those trucks at a Peterbilt dealer?

Did someone have a complete mental breakdown and trade them in on Peterbilts?



I have 2 friends of mine who was working for family (they are bro-inlaws to each other) they both broke off thier own 1 wanted to updated his equipment from a 89 DM :mack1: the other had 2' 97 RD Triaxle :mack1:'S he told the other he would sell him 1 @ a reasonable price needless to say the bro-inlaw who wanted to update went from a Mack to a PETE CAUSE HE SAID YA COULD CHROME A MACK OUT LIKE A PETE & MAKE THE :mack1: LOOK SHINY LIKE A PETE . PERSONALLY I THINK THE 1 BRO-IN-LAW IS :wacko: FOR GETTING A PETE JUST CAUSE YA HAVE MORE CHROME OPTIONS I DIDNT THINK A DUMP BUCKET WAS SUPOSSED TO BE CHROMED OUT LIKE A ROAD TRACTOR SHEESH :pat:

THE Pete he has now isnt half the truck the :mack1: HE HAD OR THE :mack1: HIS BRO-INLAW has now

Happy new year yall B)


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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