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Electric Lawnmower:


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Guy brings by his electric self propelled lawnmower to the shop complaining it is too slow last summer and asks if I can do anything to help out.

I sent this to a friend that knew how to post it on a video site.

I think it turned out satisfactory but it does take some getting used to.

Can I work on yours to make you more "greener"?



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That is one funny video right there, lol.

About 15 years one of my friends dads bought a new electric lawnmower. after the first year it had about 10 diffrent colors of extention cords spliced into it. Wonder why it never really cought on? LOL!!!

Ha ha, that is so true. They are a real pain to use because you have keep that silly cord out of the blades. Plus some bunches of crab grass or tall weeds will easily slow it down or even jam it. Gas mowers pretty much stop at nothing (except one we had that blew all its oil out the exhaust) and there is no cord to chew up.


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Back during the late 1950's my grandad use to build homemade electric lawnmowers. He was the gadget man and would tackle anything and sometimes it could be halarious. He even came up with a dehuller to dehull walnuts. The Nashville Banner paper came to his home and interviewed him with his contraption. I remember seeing it back about 1971 in his shed behind his garage. I miss him cause he would have been glad to give me a hand on my Mack if needed.

I recall a time his son, my uncle was waiting for grandad to come over and work on a cheepie Sears mower. As drandad pulled up and got out of his car, my uncle explained to his father what had happened to the lawnmower. Grandad had adjusted the clutch where it would not release and while uncle had been mowing causing him to flip over on top of my uncle after getting too close to a tree. Gasoline was seeping out onto my uncle and uncle said the lawnmower was on top of him still running. Trying to make a long story shorter, if you can use your imagination, it was soooo funny, i'll never forget my grandad laughing his butt off while his son was practicly in tears telling his dad the story. I still laugh today when I think of it.

Oh by the way....there is a web-site that has flying lawnmowers on it but have forgotten where to look.


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too much planning involved. cutting the grass is a pain in the ass to begin with.

1) where is an outlet?

2) which cord is long enough?

3) where to start?

4) anything in the way?

5) do i have enough 'lectric tape?

Mexicans do it cheaper

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