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Vin #'s?


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hello doug you can send your vin to the mackmuseum and they can tell you everything and send you a copy off the origanel factory papers greetings rene MACK FOREVER

This sounds interesting How much for this service and where can I do this?


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All I want, is just to be luv'd and for my Check Engine light to go out on my Volvo.

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There should be a 3"x5" card sized tag on the valve cover stating your engine's horsepower and various other details.

Plate is unreadable tried cleaning it. Must have had some kind of chemical on it.

My build sheet that I remember, said it was a 355/380, but when I give last six of numbers to Mack for injectors it

cross referenced to a 400HP engine injector number.

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This sounds interesting How much for this service and where can I do this?

hello in2trux you can contact the mackmuseum 997 postal road allentown,PA 18109 phone (610) 266-6767 fax (610) 266-6823 e-mail mack.museum@macktrucks.com open monday,wednesday,friday from 10 AM-4 PM they work on DONATIONS it could take a wile those poeple are vollunteers and i dont now if they are already moving out there and go to there new location the testcenter.and when you are around go visit the poeple they like it greetings rene

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Post it up, I can take a look and see what you have...

Thanks Barry, went back to Mack for things, one of the parts guys ran my serial range, only one in my range had a

355/380 conversion to E7 400. And it was NOT mine. :(

Anyway this is it. 1M1AA13Y91W 139664

He used MackNet Part Locator Search VRI Screen, it shows Rockwell trans. and rears. I know I have Meritor trans.

and I thought rears also.

What can you find? When you have time of course.

Thanks Again, Doug

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Mack is in a transistion now from Allentown to Greensboro NC. Some of the information we used to be able to get off of "Macknet" is no longer available, and the format the parts department has access to isn't really customer freindly. You could try Mack Customer service and ask for a copy of the "head" / build sheet. The 800 number is probably on the wing window of your truck. I guess it still works.

Generally speaking, if your engine horsepower was up-graded, Mack usually supplied a new data plate for the engine.

Also Rockwell and Meritor are the same, Meritor being the new name for what used to be called Rockwell.


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Its a CH613 built on 9/28/00. It came with a 355/380 but was later upgraded to a 400hp. It shows rockwell trans and rears. It was a fleet truck with 23 others built along with it, all 23 exactly the same. I can find out more if needed.

My plate is unreadable, so I can't tell if it's been upgraded. I know for a fact Q.C. (the fleet of trucks on vin run) would not upgrade later. On the sheet only 1, was done at factory, ending with 139650. Can anyone plug into ECU and find out what's going on with this engine?

Also, could anybody here produce a spec. sheet for me, of what the plate Should read? for a 355/380? or 400? both??


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