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Bulldog Arrives In North Carolina


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The Bulldog Arrives in North Carolina

Mack Celebrates Opening of New World Headquarters in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, NC (September 3, 2009) – Mack Trucks, Inc. introduced itself to the Piedmont Triad today as the company officially celebrated the grand opening of the new Mack World Headquarters on National Service Road in Greensboro.

“Today begins a new chapter in Mack’s long and illustrious history,” said Dennis Slagle, Mack president and CEO. “We have a 109-year tradition of success, forged by excellent people and products, and that tradition will continue to grow here in North Carolina. The state and local area have welcomed Mack with open arms, and we look forward to becoming part of this community.”

The company marked the establishment of its new base of operations with a celebration that included a display of modern and antique Mack trucks, tours of the new headquarters, presentations on Mack’s history and accomplishments, and contests for employees. And since no celebration of Mack is complete without the company’s world-famous mascot, a bulldog walked along with Mr. Slagle as he approached the podium to address employees and state and local officials. Later, an eight-foot-tall gold statue of the Mack Bulldog poised in front of the new headquarters was unveiled.

The event also marked the official opening of the Mack Shop located in the new headquarters and open to the general public. The store sells officially licensed Mack merchandise.

Mack moved its headquarters to Greensboro as part of a restructuring plan designed to improve organizational efficiency and competitiveness. As a Volvo Group company, many of the corporate support functions Mack relies on – such as human resources, information technology, financial services and logistics – are already based in Greensboro, where they support other Group companies in North America. The Volvo Group’s roots in Greensboro go back to 1981.

“Establishing Mack World Headquarters here in Greensboro alongside our support organizations will make us a more efficient, agile, and cost-effective organization in almost every aspect of our business, from product development to aftermarket support,” Slagle said. “It further positions us for long-term growth and industry leadership.”


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Mack’s World Headquarters houses executive offices, as well as sales, marketing, international operations, dealer operations and other departments. Other functions, including technical and customer support, are located in nearby facilities on the Greensboro campus.

As a result of the same restructuring plan, production of all Mack trucks has been consolidated at the Macungie Assembly Operations in Pennsylvania, just outside of Allentown.

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Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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I bet that cake tasted so good!!! At least the truth is out and people will now see how it really is working under Volvo. Good on you guys for standing up to what Volvo is doing to the mack work force and the name. I feel bad for anyone that has a passion for there job yet is expected to put blinders on and walk the plank. it seams that mack people are forced to walk blind hoping no one notices them. Its just sad watching one of the few great US companys fall into disparity. Good luck to all of you die hard mack people. you will not be forgotten!

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I could fill the forum with the fact the reverse happened here in Oz..

We lost a lot of things we had as Volvo employees becuase Mack didnt have them and we lost a lot of good people.

And they moved our headquaters....

Its change, we might not like it, but its going to happen anyway..

The feelings will last until the very last employee leaves that knew the brands as seperate companies..

If you talk to someone that is new to the company it will most likely be a different view..

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