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  1. I was sent this pic recently more becuase of my work on the Volvo NL types for this market I can tell you the NL,s were for Caltex.. they were built with Allison HT750 Trans usually with a retarder.. I worked on them maybe around 15 yrs ago - supplied from the Volvo Factory in Australia For the Mack sorry no info but maybe its sign its still in use
  2. Well as you know they offer the Sleeper cab option in Aus... The tests on the intergrated sleeper cab that was offered showed it would not survive here.. I am not a fan of the fibreglass sleeper boxes they offer here.. I hope we can offer an intergrated sleeper of our own design And Paccar kicks our ass here in Oz We dont like it.. For the record the Mack Team and the Volvo team are now one In aus we all sit in the same design office we learn from each other.. What we find challenging is the continual change in customer design requests.. Anything is possable but for one off designs the c
  3. I think this is typical of what we face within the group Any change made is seen as detrimental I can tell you 1st hand the culture intergration has been one of the biggest hurdles There are two choices.. make what you can from it or walk away Mack as a stand alone brand with unique designs would not have lasted.. No engine to meet emissions STD,s a Cab that is very old So we are where we are.. as much as you can bag the company i could give it back and point out some different views A typical response would be this is an example of Bullydog culture....
  4. Yes they were based in Jakarta.. different island.. And to think everything changed overnight is un realistic When did Mack Production move from the Richlands Factory to the Wacol Factory? When was the 1st changes in dealership support or change to company or private dealers and importors in Aust / Asia When was the 1st design changes impacted on Mack Product? I know that the legacy product was not touched design wise - only the new breed had design collaboration...
  5. You seem to have an axe to grind...so we should agree to disagree.. The former Mack is or was what it was The one Mack dealer on your list was in jakarta, this mine is in kalimantan different island and about 6 hrs drive from the airport But i will dig into the Vin. find the sales responsable, also confirm the actual build date I sent the pics to the long term guys back at VGA/Mack At the same site but different customer there are a larger number of renaults - again parked and slowlt being stripped These are described as unsuitable with the amount of frame flex when loaded - I guess they are
  6. Sorry I can say with surety Mack was seperate from Volvo in Australia when these were built, delivered and service supported. I think i could name the guys that built them in the Mack SVC workshop at Richlands.. but i will concurr that i dont understand how the kenworths have survived and not the Mack.. If it was possable i would support their resurection... i am not a fan of the Cummins engine.. but to keep a brand operating their i would support it My view if its not our brand I find its a compromise Cummins engine is generic.. compromised to suit Eaton trans Volvo Trans and allison trans a
  7. Well funny.. i took that picture... The are not Big Foots they are Titans ISX600 Eaton 22918 with the Renault Hub reduction axles Built in 2001 i believe by the VIN plate.. before Volvo was involved They are relativly complete.. even have the alternators still fitted.. Why are they parked there.. well technical support fell below acceptable stds. Becuase its a hybrid of cummins / eaton no one stop shop could provide support.. The site now does operate a lot of Volvo and Scania and some Benz with a smattering of the Kenworth version of the Mack Bigfoot But that will follow the same fate as th
  8. M-drive is available in both MP8 and MP10 here in Aus M-drive in MP8 goes into Tipper Dog ( Dumpers ) with no problems
  9. So far the drivers dont see the Mdrive as a waste of time.. it handles the road train application well, the feedback is its much better than an Eaton Ultrashift. With the MP10 the gold Bulldog will be back...
  10. Its a pure SCR engine, Emissions level is euro5 it will be around till EU6 which would be at least 2014 685hp is Mdrive only 600hp and you could get an manual gearbox So far everyone that has driven one has been very happy.. Currently there are 5 out on the road...
  11. Yep the Cootes guys are our friends,, as are the DirectHaul guys in Darwin...I think we have some common friends Rookie...
  12. Its more than paint that makes the difference for each brand... Trust me when I say that... They have different dressing, different software, brand unique features UD are Silver I think, Mack Red, Renault Black
  13. D16G now does 700hp at Euro5 or US07 for Volvo So should you get ready for a big hp Titan??? 13 litre does 535hp in Mack in Oz.. Very capable of B-double 68,000 kg
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