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  1. I like that battery box. I cant make out the brand name on the stickers. Could you tell me where you ordered it and how much? Thanks, Steve
  2. Back in the day we ran 237's and 300's with direct 5 speeds with 4.17 rears.We even had 1 R model 237 with 4.50 rears, They had good road speed and got the job done. I wouldn't hesitate to run the direct 12 speed with 4.17's for your truck. Steve
  3. Ray,it looks like he may have used a shoehorn to getthat tip turbine 300 in there. Steve
  4. I bought the complete E-6 350. Going to parts it out. Steve
  5. At work i tried to remove a liner from a damaged fender to put in the new one. Could not get the liner out without destroying it, had to get a new one. I wouldn't try it again. Steve
  6. No Don, he used it for a core to get the other one.Steve
  7. NO, it has a Fuller RTO14613. It did have a RTOO14613 and he changed it out to give a more practicle setup. It has 3.70 rear axle ratio.
  8. I sold my old jalopy to a friend a few months back. he is now replacing the E-6 350 2VH with a 3406 B Cat. Stopped by to look at it today, he's done a real nice job fabbing the mounts.Looking good. Steve
  9. I drove this truck when it was new in 1981. I was in it for a couple of years.It was used steady until 20 years ago, then only part time and has been sitting in a shed for the last 10 years. It has an E- 350 two valve tip turbine and an RTO 12513 . Originally it had a 38M antisway on 60" center. In the early 90's I took that out and put in a single drive on an AL40 and an air lift pusher. I've been hounding to own this for years and finally got my way.I think mainly 'cause the shed it was in had to come down.
  10. At least what's left shouldn't be rusted too bad after being undercoated by the Detroit. Steve
  11. The box in the picture is a Sheppard. The input seal is just the same as a 392. Before you get too involved in this one see if you can find a Ross. They are much better in this application. The pitman arms stay tight and the pitman shaft bushings last longer. Back in the day we ran a small fleet of these and found this out. I found a nice one for mine at Global in NH acouple years back. Phil was there at the time and it was only $250. Good luck, Steve
  12. Vlad, the RWS and RWL (and Cruiseliner) take the same front spring as an R model but the pins are longer. Thanks, Steve
  13. They will fit all with 12,000 axles. Don't know if larger axles take the same parts. thanks, Steve
  14. I've got for sale a new set of Dayton Suspension brand front spring pins and bushings. These are for the 12K front axle and include the front smooth pins(2) and the rear threaded pins(4) and threaded bushings(2) These fit Superliner 1 and Cruiseliners. $100 plus shipping. Thanks, Steve
  15. Looks like a small cam 855, probably a 350. On the left side of engine at rear,just below top of block is a serial number. A Cummins dealer can run the number and tell you for sure. Most of these were tan, the green ones were Detroits.When International used them they were all red.It has an intercooler so I think it must be at least a 350, the cast alum valve covers make me think it must be a small cam. They used stamped steel by the time the Big Cams came about. Steve
  16. These are sold already. Thanks Mike
  17. I've got a complete set of 6 injector lines for an E-6 2 valve with Ambac bar stock injectors. These are new ,unused PAI lines. I would sell these only as a set of 6 for $80 plus shipping for the whole works. Price 'em and you'll see it's a deal. PM me if interested, Thanks,Steve
  18. Do you know the model. I have a PSO15010S that has 535K miles on it. Cheap. Steve
  19. Thanks guys. It is a short hood 379 with a C-13, a 13 speed, 3.55 Eatons on Flexair and lo-pro 22.5 tires.As a matter of fact Mike I am just recovering from the shingles. The Pete may have brought that on. Steve
  20. Took these pics yesterday in Niagara Falls,NY. It was 55 degrees at 8AM. Today I think it's about 10 degrees.Been using this since the end of Sept. Flew to California and drove it back. The Superliner is at home resting in the garage. Steve
  21. I have a good RTO 14613 Fuller Roadranger from a 1994 Pete 379 I partsed out. Transmission shifts fine. $1500 or make me a good offer. Steve
  22. Hey Ray Happy Birthday! just stumbled onto this. Hope you ehjoyed your day and the fine boobage. See you around. Steve
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