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  1. Otherdog do you now have another good ol dog at your house?
  2. Aw Man and I thought I had my work all caught up for the weekend, Now I have over due oil changes to do. That is what I get for running off at the keyboard, any way thanks for the heads up Block
  3. I use SAE 30 non detergent
  4. Check and make sure that you do not have mud or a rock between the pedal and floor to keep it from coming all the way back up
  5. I live between Crossville and Grayville just wondered if we are neighbors.
  6. Hey Reb where are you from in SoIl?
  7. I have a B-615 that I put a 865 in, I done a little fab work and mounted the spin on to the frame behind the cab. Block
  8. Rob I had a similar problem with the water pump on one of my endt 865's about 3 years ago the seal and pin were both available from Mack at that time. I built a small puller for the impeller and done the work myself, the only thing the seal is made out of ceramic and it is very easy to break and cause a leak ( The voice of experience here I changed the seal twice) hope this helps Block
  9. Just a reminder, I know it is short notice but the Wabash Valley Chapter of A.T.H.S. is having their annual show on Sat. May 10 at 9:00 a.m. on main street in New Harmony, In. If anyone is looking for a show to come to you are more than welcome.
  10. Rigchaser, I just wanted to let you know that I am still going to get your photos, I went out to the truck the other day to take the photos batteries were dead on camera bought some new ones did not look real close they are the kind you recharge, yea they were dead too, went back to store the next day bought charger need to get in camera and gete this done sorry for delay. Block. Also with a name like rigchaser and pic. on your font you move oilfield equipment? I do too these CLs are rigged up as winch trucks.
  11. Mackpro68 Where are you located in Western Ky? Block
  12. Doug where were you in Indiana? Block
  13. Rigchaser I can get you some frame pictures from the CL we have four of them where I work one 2000 model, one 2005 model, one 2006 model, and one 2007 model the 2000 has 460 Mack the other three have Cummins let me know what you need and I will try to get them to you. Block
  14. Mack on fire I have a good TRD-67 for sale no known problems I took it out of a B-61 to install a TR-720 I am located in southern In. where are you located let me know Block
  15. That truck is a B-61 with the big radiator, this was available on most if not all of the diesel B-Models, I have seen a B-67 with the big radiator from the factory. If you watch the show again you will notice the rear facing hood scoop this idea was borrowed from the early maxidyne series R-Models etc. as the air intake for the tip turbine engines, and if you look close during the shots of installing the new A/C system you will see a tip turbine engine upgrade, making need for the bigger radiator to cool this setup in a work truck. Block
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