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  1. That looks awesome,do you have any more close up pictures?
  2. Good ideas,surprised they never made a front plow for these tractors.
  3. No hyd,so was thinking of a 12 volt set up but the cable sounds interesting,I'll search the web see what I could find.
  4. I have a small Fergerson tractor think it's a m3 1954 or so,I would like to mount a light weight snow plow on the front,looking for ideas and pictures on how to do it,anybody done this?
  5. Wow that's quite a difference in price,I looked right on his computer it listed for 1400 and change,they sold it to me for 1100. Just checked the box, part # 208925-91,1650 max torque, guess i should have shopped around..
  6. Part #20892591 Eaton easy pedal,brand new not a reman I think 1650 ft pounds.
  7. Thanks for the info, I wanted to go with new, it gets a workout dong trench work everyday, they came down to 1100, still pricey.
  8. Wow its been a long time since I bought a clutch..$$$$$ Mack dealer says around 1400 out the door😬
  9. Florida has to be running at least 80% macks from what I saw last year,I'm talking about dump trucks,not sure about dump trailers tho and they appear to be almost all company owned,not to many owner operators..
  10. MACKS

    Electric Wiper

    Thanks guys,yeah the kits are pricey,I already suggested to him to look for a repair shop that could fabricate something up and install.
  11. A friend of mine is looking for a electric wiper conversion kit for his 1988 RD,anybody body have or know where to get at a decent price,Thanks..
  12. Yup thats what I did to every 12 I had,looks like you need to make the bend near top,might have to remove the shift knob and air lines before heating.
  13. The driver and passenger look like they could be the original owners,lol She could use new side boards for sure,pretty cool vid tho!
  14. Thanks that looks awesome,is that a 13 inch?
  15. Any body have a drop visor on there cl or ch?thinking of getting one but not sure witch one,looks like the 13 inch is the standard size and do they install in the existing mounting holes?
  16. Yeah I guess he doesn't like the smell of leather..lol
  17. This was parked in front of my house for a bit today,damn are they nice,not that Im gonna run out and buy one but would this go for with a good quality dump ox on it? So damn nice.
  18. There is only one plug to check,make sure your checking from the right one,should be the furthest to the back of trans on passenger side.
  19. Looking for a nice grill for my cl,don't want another cheep plastic grill like the one it came with but a nice chrome one,I searched on line and come up empty,anybody have anything or know where I can get one,Thanks
  20. All depends on what type of roads these trucks will be plowing,wing plows are only good for interstate hwy where there are no cars parked on the side of the roads.
  21. Seriously tho,what if if one of them so called expert truck inspectors get hurt while under your truck,like maybe get his fingers stuck and busted up in a slack adjuster if you so happen to step on the brake at the wrong time..wonder if they can sue your ars, or if they are armed maybe they can just shot you with there good hand!!
  22. Nice truck,if you really want to go old school put a quad box behind that 250,it will still dye on the hills but will run out great on flat ground no matter how heavy you are..
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