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  1. yep, a 2 day drive and its all over.but then you can watch the other side of the road on the way back. nig
  2. . I could not disagree with you at all RS, my old superdog is worth around $30K here in this country and it still does the job of the 400 hp plus trucks here , and doesnt have any electronics, doesnt belong to a lease company, doesnt have interest rate rises,still gets a cert of Fitness,and doesnt make a hole in your pocket if it is parked up. nigel
  3. why dont you lot get metric , like the rest of the developed world. you are living in the past guys! a 6x4 tractor here in NZ is average at 21 tonnes gross weight legally, even though the manufacturers ratings on the axles are higher, It is just that the government wont spend the money they gather fron Diesel tax and Roadusercharges to put back into the highway network, so therefore the trucks are rated lower to reduce road damage. nig
  4. Have you guys heard of using air?.or do you live in the Artic?. 1/4 throttle is more than enough to turn the engine 1 revolution to get it fired up in the cold here.
  5. [qvery good barry, can you come up with a superdog?? You can find them in the emoticon screen (click 'show all')
  6. thanks ron, you just confirmed my action. nigel
  7. Hi guys, I need help with my air dryer on the super dog. The governor / unloader valve is bolted direct to my Compresser on the E9, The assembly of the dryer shows a tee off the unloader line between the compressor,but with it bolted direct , how do you get round that one.? Im sure there is a clever dick out there who will know. Nigel
  8. you people that try and hot rod your engines in this modern era, should get a laptop and a c-15 cat, and a computers for dummies book. you only get away with a few mods before all hell brakes loose and your bank account is zero, let alone your rig is not able to earn an income. but there will allways be boy racers!!!!!!!!!!!!! nigel
  9. Just go and buy a e9.500 superliner and that will save you the headache, and thats not being radical at all, or is it? nigel
  10. My 500 started to get hot slowly over a couple of weeks till we found a build up of dirt between the intercooler and the radiator about in line with the fan hub, As the build increased the operation of the fan became critacal, we removed the intercooler , cleaned it thru and blasted the fine build up off the radiator fins and , after that , no problems. Just something to keep an eye on, With the pyro, I downshift if it gets close to 490/500. that way there is a bit left for a safety margin. nig.
  11. did they give the driveshaft a grease while it was on its side? nigel
  12. I can send you the 2 parts that make up a coupling, the main tractor part accepts a trimatic from the trailer or a duomatic from the trailer. and there is the end that is connected to the trailer at the end of the hoses. you can mix and match then and they are idiot proof, (have to be for us colonials) let me know if you want a set. I would say that 98% of new zealand rigs usde this type of Coupling. Nigel
  13. i find that mine are best left at the sides of the screen when u turn them off as , if they are a bugger to start if you leave them flat down. nigel
  14. mine is 125" bumper to back of cab. You were also asking about the Trimatic coupling a while ago, they are made by WABCO. if that is of any help, much more superior to your old 1940s glad hands???. nigel
  15. well done old chap, now you just need a trimatic air fitting and throw away that outdated gladhand crap. nigel
  16. Trent, sorry to show my ignorance of these events, but what is involved in this activity. Is the load attached to the turntable or is it towed by a pintle hook or similar, and what s the load consist of? nigel
  17. the new stub that i fitted had a different forging style to the one that broke, perhaps someone at Mack got their s*it together , It appears that going in reverse puts extra strain on the components, when u are going from lock to lock , let alone in soft going. nigel
  18. were you going in reverse when it broke?, as my stub axle broke clean through the top kingpin bush, and the steering arm fell to the ground. Nigel
  19. Low sulphur diesel is being marketed here in NZ at present , there have been some problems with injector pumps on 4x4s and older cars as the seals have gone hard and leak fuel at the pump, We also have summer and winter diesel mixes. Some of our gear operates in the south pacific islands and when we bring it back down here we have to drain the systems and put our colder mix in. Nigel
  20. My superdog is double skinned, and under the turntable there is signs of some heave, I used a hacksaw blade to scribe through the rust until i got a clean gap all the way along the rails then liberally squirted Blackguard into the gap , which is a rust converter, it goes on white then turns to black, That was 3 months ago, Ill check again , but dont expect any more problems, Id loath having to strip the old girl down. nigel
  21. Ive stuck the mc mack appliances under Kiwi Macks ,there is another one that has escaped the camera, Nigel
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