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  1. Justin i never got it, its firemanrob102@yahoo.com Do you still have them? Thanks
  2. Im trying to change wheels on my CF. However i see nothing that a steering wheel puller can grab onto, its just a hollow hole the entire way down the center of the drive shaft. Do you just need to remove the bolt that holds it on or is there something else you need to do? Thanks for the help.
  3. Justin no, email me! Im very interested.
  4. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/store/indHello, i have a mack CF that came with a modern wheel like this one below. I just bought a wheel of a CF however it doesnt have the guts to the wheel. My question is... what do the guts comprise of? And would i have the parts i need in the steering wheel it has now (minus the right fitting cap) to make it work? thanks for the help http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=100
  5. Looking for the following... Rear grab bars, the one that goes above the hose bed, and the red rubber padded one on the back of the truck. Headliner, steering wheel guts (black), Rear steps to get into the hose bed. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys. I need help finding some parts for my 73 cf. I need a steering wheel, black or red, a cf headliner , rear grab bars and steps. And a hosebed cover preferably black. Thank you for any help
  7. 73 CF, all air brakes. Recently the brakes have been grabbing really hard at low speeds, and the parking brake light is taking longer than normal to go out. It goes out a minute or more after the brakes have been fully opened from air pressure. Any idea what it is?
  8. Should be passenger side, to the right of the dipstick, it looks like a cap and then a pipe that goes into the engine. SHOULD be. Thats where its at on my 73 maxidyne.
  9. Thanks guys! At first i thought it was the bias tires going. But after thinking for a while, if it were the tires the truck would shake going at ANY speed correct? What was odd was the truck only did it between 40 and 50 MPH, the front tires were at 48 psi (tire says should be inflated to 100 PSI) So i cranked them up to 80 PSI to give them a slow break in with the increased pressure. Wobbling stopped for a mile or two, then started doing it at 30-50 MPH, only worse.
  10. Well, ive been having bad shaking and wobble at 30 MPH to 50, so im guessing that might have helped loosen it up. Luckily i live close enough to watts mack, so im seeing about a mechanic coming out to my house to look at it and see what they think. Im definatly NOT driving it until i get someone to approve it IF i get it back on. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. No one? I tried pushing it back on with a friend turning the steering wheel and trying to get the gears to line up. Can anyone help?
  12. I broke the truck. Normaly every day im home i start the truck up because its outside til we find a place for it. Today, the steering wheel felt lose, like it was easier to move. I started the truck up and turned the wheel a little and it went BOOM. Then i lost steering. Ok fantastic, so i looked underneath and saw that the arm that goes to the output gear from the power steering cylander underneath came off. So pretty sure i found the problem i tried putting it back on. There are two screws that i had to undo with plyers and loosen them up. But still no go. I was able to get it on a little, but again the wheels turned a bit and boom again it came off. I dont know if i just have to match up the arm with the gears or if something is damaged. Attached is a few pictures of what im talking about. Power steering still works fine, just lost the arm that connects it to the rod that goes to the wheels. First picture is an outside shot of the mechanism. Second is looking up into it where the arm popped off of the gear. The thing protruding at the top is a screw, there were two of these that i had to loosen with plyers to help troubleshoot. How can i fix this? Im hoping its something as easy as aligning the gears and popping it back on the shaft?
  13. Also, what should the tire pressure should be on it? I just checked all and got RF - 47 LF - 44 Rear 48 all. THey are 10.00 - 20 tube style tires, non radial.
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