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  1. where is the sunvisor to keep the uv light off your knobbly knees since you only wear stubby shorts?
  2. is it fitted with 4 whel disc brakes and is the dynatard hooked up.,?
  3. looking for Disc brake pads for the rear of my cf. no worries their was 2 sets here in NZ, now for the hoodlineing
  4. Name: CF685fs Date Added: Owner: roadusercharges roadusercharges
  5. ive just added a cf to my fleet, its a 1982 snorkel and has covered 53000 miles
  6. This is my ride most days, it was a logger in its first life since 1999, then an air lift axle was installed along with a NRC quick swap recovery unit, it has a Cummins celect plus N14 -525 engine and 18 speed, weighs 20.5 tonnes, and seen here towing another k100 and 4 axle trailer, both loaded, total weight of 65 tonnes, the victim blew his turbo and sent oil into the intercooler, luckily didnt use up all his oil
  7. here in New Zealand there are a number of 4x4 Flintstone macks ( steel bonneted R series) used as fert spreaders, a number of 4x4 FR700 with 375 v8s, and a few of the 6x6 versions, used as crash tenders. not a very good turning circle however, check out my photo album
  8. If you have a look on , www.trademe.com it is New Zealands answer to EBay there is a superliner with sleeper cab and a F700 8x4 Holmes wrecker,
  9. I dragged this in the other day, In its first life it was a day cab 8x4 ultraliner with a 400 hp engine, which carried livestock then general freight, A month ago it was subject to an arson attack, which means only the air bag arse end, air start tank, gearbox is still in good order, even the alloy bumper is bent and cracked, any good ides out there.?
  10. cool machine, what engine is on board
  11. It says that you are a Know It All on your avatar, keep up the good work
  12. BTR Ltd

    1. Timothy Maikshilo

      Timothy Maikshilo

      Bus,Truck recovery and fire fighting services

  13. In New Zealand 75% of the rigs on the road are curtainsiders, and many versions of it as well, some step decks have alloy ramps at the rear hinged behind the doors, so you can drive in with cargo or forklifts, raised by air rams, some have the support poles on the outside and are used as tipping units full of woodchips etc, then backload general freight., another variation has the slide rails extend pass the body towards the cab, so that the curtains can be pulled clear of the body while loading etc. 50% of the curtainsiders are 8x4 truck towing 4 axle trailers, the rest is Btrain units and se
  14. here is mine yesterday, Im in the process of repainting the chassis, so thats why its all stripped out
  15. mine is made up of a second RHS mount bolted to the chassis, then my original muffler got dealt to with the band saw and is now 1 ft long , I mount this alongside the gearbox and created a new twin system from standard auto exhaust components and up beside the fuel tnaks, then went stainless steel up the RH posts then added Chrome 4fts with mitred ends, the original heat shield off the single verticle muffler got cut in half length ways and rerolled to suit the new vertical 5 inch pipes, I then made new attach nents for them and bobs your uncle, No heavy dual mufflers waving around in the air
  16. Hasnt made it to New Zealand yet, always on the look out for one of them
  17. I know time moves on, but still keen for approx 12 white units here in NZ
  18. MY Super liner was built up in 1986 with sq lights and is designated R722RST. The chasis is double skinned under the turntable through to the gearbox area.It has the original E9 500 engine and the 12 speed, the original Camel back end has been biffed and a set of Eaton SSHDs fitted to kenworth Airglide 100 air suspension is now fitted, which gives a much better ride, although the speedo has been reset to try and give a more accurate indication of true road speed. The gearing is higher than the original mack diffs which sees 1200 RPM at 60 mph. It is Right Hand drive and the factory fit has red
  19. From the album: kiwi macks

    southern transport mack

    © southern mack

  20. cool aerodine roof,paint must have cost a buck or 2 nigel
  21. I do an oil change with 43 litres of Rimula super from shell
  22. From the album: kiwi macks

    Fulton Hogan Central Ch transferred to FH Canterbury
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