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  1. I picked up this front axle at a farm sale and I was wondering if anyone knows if its a Mack axle? They have no markings except for C581 on both hubs. They are 59" wide from center of rim to center of rim. The rim diameter is 29-1/2". The wood spokes are 1-3/4" square at the hub. From center to center on the spring mounts of the axle it is 28-3/4". Its a narrow width axle but a tall wheel, looking in my Mack books, the number of spokes and the number of bolts matches an AC, an AB or even a Manhattan. I was leaning towards a Manhattan only because of the width of the axle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Art
  2. A bad condenser will also make a gas engine backfire like mad. Give that a try, Art
  3. Chuck, Try www.patwalshrestorations.com he has fuel tank insulator seal (for use on brackets) for $6.75 per foot and fuel tank strap webbing (woven OEM style) for $6.95 per foot. These are for a B model. The pricing may be off, my price list is a couple of years old. Hope this helps, Art
  4. Hi George, Anytime I have been that air bound or change fuel lines, I disconect the line at the injector and pressurize the tank with compressed air to force the fuel through and clear the air from the lines. I usually use a blow gun with a rag wrapped around to keep the air from escaping. You don't need alot of air just a few good shots and fuel should flow. Have someone watch the line and when no more air comes through reconnect the line to the injector. If it still won't start you will have to bleed each injector. Hope this helps, Art
  5. Jim, According to the Connecticut DMV, Only vehicles with a GVWR of 18,000# or less is not requred to undergo a vehicle inspection. I don't think even a B-20 will fall under that category. Two years ago when I registered my B-42 as an antique. I was required to get temporary commercial plates and get my 26,000# GVW antique dump truck inspected at the Wethersfield DMV. This is the only DMV in CT that does inspections on commercial vehicles (even though its registered Antique, it is still considered a commercial vehicle in the eyes of the CT DMV and is required to undergo a commercial safety inspection. Everyone else that I have talked to never had to do this. Thats because most DMV clerks that do your paperwork for registration think that all vehicles over 25 years of age do not require an inspection. Just my luck, The supervisor is the one that waited on me. The CT DMV inspector (who also fancies a sidearm like a real cop) that did my inspection confirmed all of this. He said the inspection is exactly the same as it is for your commercial annual inspection the only difference is I can carry NOTHING in the bed, not even a dog. Then he said or just don't get caught. Dustin, My advice to you is Do Not go to the Danbury office as this is where I went. I have heard that the Bridgeport DMV is easy pickins. Thats where I will go when I get another Mack. Hope this helps, Art Jim, Sorry to butt heads with you but our DMV does suck and I needed to share!
  6. I have a 1963 PPG / Ditzler paint chart and for Mack it lists for years 1952-1959 Light Red 400 #70211. For years 1959-1963 Light Red 400 #71046. Hope this helps. Art P.S. Click on picture to enlarge text.
  7. I've picked up both the parts and service manuals for my B42 at different times on EBAY. Both came pretty reasonable. Check Ebay Motors under Mack as they do come up from time to time. Ebay can be good for parts also. For new parts try Watt's Mack, he's got some nice stuff . If you need alot of used parts check around at salvage yards or look into getting a parts truck. Hope this helps, Art
  8. Freightrain, I have a Duplex TRD722 in my B42 and I had a bad speedo cable and tranny gear. I went to Mack with the tranny number and they had the cable and the tranny gear in stock. The gear retailed for $31.00. Give them a try. Hope this helps, Art
  9. I've got that one. Its a pretty good book, has the history of mack from the beginning up to the late sixties. lots of info and color pictures. $9.98 is a real good deal it list for $24.95 on the back of the book. Art
  10. Hey Marcel, I had tube type radials on my B42 dump and changed them over to tubeless radials with one piece open rims. One thing I wanted to add is you get a much better ride with a tubeless radial than with tube type tire, especially when your empty. Have a good night...Art
  11. I have a B42 single axle dump with a 285 Mack diesel in it and when I got it I also wanted to put power steering in it. When they put the diesel engine in it they kept the original charging system and did not update it with an alternator. Good for me! I contacted Dennis from OLDMACKS.com about the power steering kit that he was selling but $2,000 was to steep for me. So time for option B. Around here (Connecticut) there are alot of old B models around, some alive and some dead. I found a tandem B61 Dump in Branford that was in very bad shape but had hydraulic assist power steering in it. I tracked the guy down and he let me take anything I wanted of the truck for $100. Took the generator and hydraulic pump assembly (pump mounts to the back of the generator), drag link, the hydraulic cylinder and the bracket which attaches the cylinder to the cross steering tube. Plus numerous other parts, good deal huh. With a little adjustment to the drag link and a longer ubolt to attach the cylinder to the axle I was in business. The generator charged fine just had to adjust the regulator. Truck steers like a dream and no broken fingers when the wheel returns . So my advice is keep your eyes out for "goodies in peoples backyards" as my wife says I do when I ride in the car with her. A lot of the tandem axle B models came with hydraulic assist power steering so thats your best bet. Good luck...Art
  12. Check with your local Mack Dealer, they sell the bumper guides and the small bulldogs that go on top. The bulldogs cost $35.00 each and the guide poles cost $35.00 each also. The part number for the bulldogs is 282SX11, and the part number for the guide poles is MH36. Hope this helps. Art
  13. http://www.muggyweld.com/potmetal.html Rob, check out this web site. They sell the aluminum scratch rod you are talking about only better. Their rod melts at half the melting point as the standard repair rod. 350 degrees as opposed to 700 degrees. We all know what happens to pot metal when you put a torch to it . Eastwood also sells the regular aluminum scratch rod but I only see it in the catalog not online. Hope this helps. Art
  14. Scott I know exactly where you are talking about, I was by there the other day. Its a red B81 in a yard on rt.80 not far from Dunkin Donuts. In Connecticut there is a lot of B models still on the road working. There is also a lot that aren't working any more which makes for plenty of parts trucks to pick off of. Take it easy, Art
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