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  1. Thanks for the input. 18ft-lbs comes out to be 216in-lbs and 23ft-lbs is 276in-lbs so that seems to be near what I was thinking. I may split the difference and do 250in-lbs that seems like the number we used. It was over 30 years ago when I worked on busses and relined the brakes all the time.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm doing a brake job on my 1967 DM and I can't remember what we used to torque the lining bolts to. I'm thinking it was 200 in-lbs But can anyone confirm this. I would really hate to crack a new brake block. Thanks Chuck
  3. Yes, Superdog. As far as I can tell ETSZ= Diesel engine, Turbocharged, Series intercooled, 10 something emissions . Just not real sure of operating range. Digits ending with 5 are supposed to be Maxidyne.
  4. Looking for some info about this engine ETSZ-676. I got it in a glider kit. Really need to know hp and operating range. Thanks Chuck
  5. Go back again and you will get a different answer. There is no consistancy. You will get a diferent answer every time!!!!!
  6. Hi Folks, I'm looking for some info about a D1070. I can't find one of these listed in my books found several other 1070 variants though. Need to know number of speeds, shift sequence and final ratio. Thanks Chuck
  7. Hi Folks, I'm looking for some help for a different brand. IH specificly. I have a customer in need of an exhaust manifold for a BD240 engine casting number 79129R1. Thought I had one the other day with Pappy Vance in Hannibal MO but today he says no. He's hard to talk to sometimes. Any leads would be great. Chuck
  8. I had a digger with cyl pins siezed in the turret that I was going to send out for repairs. Thats when our regional office sent out the slice torch. Since I had never used one I decided to try it on an outrigger. I'd rather destroy an outrigger than a turret. After using it I was glad I chose that. In the future if I were to use it on a turret I would put a sheet of steel from the turret to over the edge of the truck to get rid of the slag. The slag flows more like a river not just the shower of hot sparks. Chuck
  9. Rob, not sure if we are talking the same product. I own an Arc-Air gouging torch. Yes they work great for removing welds. They use copper plated carbon electrodes and shop air. The "slice" system uses a electrode with magnesium that is rolled like a roll pin so its hollow. It requires oxygen and you strike the are with 12V on a stricker plate to "light" the torch.
  10. I recently used arc-air's exothermic cutting system ("Slice"). Not real impressed with performance v/s price. When the electrodes are new and long not enough oxygen flow. Electrodes consume very fast. Best cutting was last 6 inches of electrode. Our company bought it for removing pins on digger derricks and other equipment. I tried it on an outrigger cyl. Pin about 1 1/4" x 6" it made it through but used several electrodes. Definately better than gas torch but very costly and a river of slag that needs to be controlled. Chuck
  11. It is a double check valve. Sends air to tractor protector valve. Connected to trolley and treadle. In a proper trailer hookup air lines are connected to trailer before trailer tips fifth wheel. Then trailer brakes are applied with trolley lever. As said before old trailers didn't have spring brakes. So without applying air brakes you could wind up chasing the trailer for quite a distance.
  12. The dash mount switch can be supplied as a four wire or seven wire unit. The seven wire unit is what you need to combine the rear signals and brakelights. Usually the four wire switch can be converted to the seven wire switch with some careful soldering. PS didn't forget about brake info for you. Just too many things going on to get to everthing. Chuck
  13. Hi Trent, It is sometimes difficult to get help from the local Mack dealer on these small items. Plus they whould have to mail it to me and that is just too much effort. PS I still have a front crossmember for an RS Chuck
  14. Hi Rob, Sorry if I had missed your calls. Just home from 3 months in upstate NY. Hoping to be here for a while now and get back to some projects. The truck I need the retainer for is my B model. Just left a message on your phone too. Chuck
  15. Hi folks, Looking for the right name and a source for the strip that seats and locks the door window glass into the regulator. Thanks Chuck
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