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  1. Yes Mike, the AAA truck. Just like you, space is a premium, and just like you, way too many trucks and way too little room! A couple pics in my gallery of the trucks I should let go. This doesn't happen often, last time I cleaned house was about 10 years ago. Call me Mike if your serious!
  2. I have for sale a 1961 B67, a 1952 LJ with cummins and a 1940 EMU. I also have a none Mack that should go, a 1962 Peterbilt 351 needlenose. All are tractors. Prices are negotiable. I will never get to these projects due to health restrictions. All the trucks need work, I can email pics if interested. If I can figure out how to get them from my documents onto this forum, I'll post some pictures. Trucks are in New Jersey. Email me at Atrucknut@aol.com or leave message at 609-888-4879 and I'll call you back. Thanks, Jim.
  3. Marvin is still with us. Just doesn't get uot much anymore. I was with Jack last Friday, Marv was seriuosly injured years back in a pick up rollover and is confined to a wheelchair, but his Mack knowledge is still intact.
  4. The Green B-81 pulling the locomotive is actually a B-87 with supercharged cummins and now owned by John Haines, It was at one time owned by the Mahan Collection.
  5. The AK engine is called a BK, Don't know why exactly, just the series number. Dual ignition wasn't just in fire trucks, it was stock in this application. The crankcase and pan are aluminum, the block (or cylinder jugs) are cast iron. The heads are the same as AB engines.
  6. Thanks for the comments on the Blue AK6. This was done at the Mahan Collection shop, which consists of Jack, Brian and myself. We are curently working on 2 other AK6's as well as an AC oil tanker, and just finished the Marchello R model. The A-54 is mine, and that is the rad cap behind the bulldog, it has an EN-510 engine and 9 speed duplex. I also have an A-50T, 3 A-40's, and an A-30.
  7. It's in his museum. The last couple of years he's been taking other stuff to shows, he's got a lot to choose from.
  8. 1928 what? AB and AC serial numbers are located on the left front top of the frame, in front of the radiator on AB's and under the hood on the AC's. The serial number is also located on a serial number plate, on AB's this was frame mounted behind the spring hanger; on AC's it is on the seat riser, passenger side facing front unless it was a cowl only, then on the cowl, inside, right of the fan housing.
  9. Hey guys, after reading this post, I had to confirm something. After working all day I went back to Building 3 at the Mahan Collection to see the DM in the collection, sure enough...DM865SX1001...yes that's correct, the first one off the line. I asked Gary and he said I should let you folks know that there was a 1001 built and sold to the general public. I'll have pics to post tonight. Jim
  10. The things you ask for are around, but most who have them won't let them go. I work for Gary Mahan and I'm currently in the process of working on such rims. The last three days before the new year I have been heating, straightening, fill welding and grinding rims for a current project. We searched through about 25 rims before we found 6 rims that were worth repairing. By the way, after 3 days, I still have 4 rims to do. Most other parts are also rebuilt, we use the original spokes for the steering wheel and make our own round sections, the bolts and washers Gary had specialy made. Most other AC parts that we need are cast and then finished by us at Gary's. I know he has these parts made for his projects, but has sold a few to others, but they are very expensive just as raw castings. I can ask Gary if he will sell something you need, send me a list of your needs, and I'll let you know.
  11. I spoke to many fellow antique truckers about this very topic, and most said they will pick and choose what shows to attend...Macungie to most is a "will never miss" on most lists. FWD, just kinda thinkin' like Hellertown is what, about 18 miles from Macungie.... 36 mile round trip...even at $5 per gallon, at let's say 4 MPG, that's around $45 for the weekend in gas. Just thinking out loud, sorry.
  12. First thing to do is contact the Mack Museum, the info is on this site. Give them the serial number and they will provide a ton of info. Also, I'll talk to my boss today and see if I can give you his office number, has many AB's and parts, not sure what's for sale. Good luck, Jim.
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