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    Old trucks, old tractors, old construction equipment, old cars, and chasin' around beautiful women.... does life get any better? When I'm not at work or wrenching on my truck..... Been playing drums now almost 20 years. Been in several bands over the years. Currently playing & singing in a 50's country, rock, rockabilly, and western swing band. Got me a Bassett Hound named, Fred. Damn right I've watched Smokey & the Bandit too many times!!! Also, spend a good amount of time chasing trains and photographing them.
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  1. Troy, excellent photography (as usual)! What are you shooting with these days?
  2. That's the one! We have one in a needle nose Pete. I'm 6'1" and 210 and find it surprisingly comfortable!
  3. Wow..... beauty, brains, and a B-model??? Could a guy dream up a better woman? So......is she seeing anyone, Rob??? In all seriousness, congratulations to both you and Nikki!
  4. Was through Blakeslee on my motorcycle chasing/photographing trains last summer. I'll have to remember Sam's Place, I usually stop at Lester's in Bryan. But am always looking for new places to eat.
  5. Welcome AJ! What part of NW Ohio do you call home? There are several of us on here from the Buckeye. I'm in Findlay (Flood City, USA). I do drive a Pete...... so don't hold that against me! (But at least it don't have rusty hubcaps ) I'm not a Mack expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd be glad to help any way I can.
  6. We used the Kelsay-Hayes on our Petercar for our 8 ton drag.... http://www.southwestwheel.com/store/p-45-h...irelectric.aspx Easy to install, works as smooth as air brakes.
  7. Rob, Why are ya wastin' time re-ruffin old wore-out R models??? Everabody's got dem. This here is a one of a kind (Thank Gawd!!!). If ya squint real hard-like, so yur eyez is closed...... it looks just like a Mack truck! And ya best not go callin' him from a phone with a blocked number! He's serious!!! I bet he misplaced dem decimal points.... I bet he meant $29,000.00. I couldn't imagine a one a kind like dat going for nothin' less. If ya left now, ya could bring it home and put it in Mama's Easter basket! Or maybe hide it till Sweetest Day. If dat don't score ya sum brownie points, I dunno what would!
  8. Hmmmmmmm....... BACON!!!!! The thought of my arteries clogging and my heart exploding has never seemed so appealing!
  9. What is the CA (back of cab to center of axle) of the truck??? It's been awhile since I spec'd a dump. IIRC, you need about 78"-80" for a 9' bed, and about 82"-84" for a 10' bed. I don't think adding on to the back of your frame is going to help. You don't want the bed extending too far beyond your rear axle. Steering will be "squirrelly" at best. Your best bet would be to check with a local body upfitter about CA requirements for the bed length your looking for.
  10. Hey Ken, Glad to see another Ohio coe fan. Very clean looking dog you got there. I too, have a short wb cabover (K-100 w/ 142" wb). Mine has KW 4 bag air-ride, but still don't ride like a Caddy. I'm sure a trailer will smooth things out for you considerably. There are several very good shows around the state..... May 2 - BVH Chapter ATHS @ Outtville (like Larry mentioned) May 16 - Cincy Chapter ATHS @ Jerry Howard's in Fairborn (gets bigger & better every year, one of my favorites) Labor Day Weekend - Black Swamp Chapter ATHS @ Gibsonburg in conjunction w/ S.C.R.A.P. tractor show Sept. 19 - Black Swamp Chapter ATHS @ Bowling Green in conjunction w/ the HCEA antique construction equipt. convention Sept. 20 - Auburn Chapter ATHS @ Paulding (Black Swamp will host a truck crawl Sunday morning from Bowling Green to Paulding show Sept. 19-20 - NEO Chapter ATHS @ Wellington in conjunction w/ Lagrange Engine Club Engine Show @ Lorain Co. Fairgrounds Oct. 10-11 Black Swamp Chapter ATHS@ Fremont Glad to see you found Flag City . They are the only ones around (here at least) that seem to care about old trucks (regardless of make). They have a couple old-timers left in the service & parts dept. that know what they're talking about. I buy all of my non proprietary parts there. Have some service work done there as well. I'm fortunate enough it's only a couple miles from the house. Hope to see you at one of the shows. Chris Budke Findlay, Ohio USA President, Black Swamp Chapter ATHS
  11. Hey Rob, Thanks for the website! Looks like there is a distributer about 75 miles away. Appreciate the help. Missed you at Auburn. I'm sure gonna try to make Macungie. I better start saving my pennies & dimes so I can afford the fuel to get there! Chris
  12. Hey Rob, I've been planning to make it to Macungie for several years. I'm gonna put it at the top of my priority list for 2007. Would love to see/hear the R-12 in person. (long hood R + V-12 DD = one bad a** truck in my book) Best of luck with your project. Hopefully, I'll see you there! Chris BTW....Are you gonna re-use that snorkel on the air cleaner? Still looking for one for my K-100.
  13. Sweet find, Rob! Should be an awesome ride with a screamin' V-12 Jimmy in it! Chris
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