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  1. Merry Christmas to you Rob. Hope all is well. It's good to hear from you again!
  2. Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes
  3. A working man's realistic restoration. The truck looks excellent. Continue to be happy doing what you're doing and most of all cherish the time spent with your dad and uncle. I can see they taught you well.
  4. God is great, b-model's are good, and some people are crazy
  5. Hey Red Horse, In reply to your CT trivia question I believe that the answer is Debardinas. Spelling close enough???
  6. Go to gallorestorations.com Then on the left side scroll down to "current projects", then to "59 Mack truck". This project should give you all the information you need.
  7. Hey Bob. I've been busy so i haven't been on so offten, but your messages are still coming through. Hope you are enjoying BMT.

    I really like the photo gallery . Talk to you soon amd tell sis hi from the family.


  8. You are still on! I hope you are having fun.

  9. B-Model Chet


    From the album: DM and R model

  10. Donnie. Go to Forums and sccroll down to the site related and click on site related topics. Then, the dude Barry will explain how to put on pictures under the How To Uplaod Pictures To Your Gallery tab. I also have some pictures of the DM and I'll post them in my gallery when I can find them.

  11. I guess you got my message. Glad to see that you joined. It's lots of fun. Be in touch now and then. This cite can help us remember the good old days.


  12. Nice job from beginning to end! Truck looks excellent. Hope to see more projects from you in the future!

  13. What's on your mind?

    1. dodge50318


      How in the hell do I put a photo on this site

    2. B-Model Chet

      B-Model Chet

      Donnie! Check out the members photo gallery. I put a picture of your DM on there.

    3. EmeryvilleBob


      Greetings from EmeryvilleBob.

      Hope you get this. DUH!!!

  14. Yes, you are correct to the point of dial indicating the bell housing to get on center and tighten the bolts. The dowl pins are critical in the support of the bell housing and transmission. After centering the bell housing and tightening the bolts, you should purchase a new pair of oversized dowl pins. Then redrill and ream existing dowl pin holes in motor and bell housing to within .002 to .003 smaller then new dowl pins diameter. This will allow you to drive new dowl pins in their bore tightly. Note: Check bell housing face (engine side) for any wear due to previous loosening. If so, I suggest having bell housing machined to remove any wear and true up. Also check back of engine block for the same problem. Hope this helps! B-Model Chet
  15. Hi Herb,

    Happy New Year! Just passing through and I wanted to say hi. Windy and very cold here. SUCKS! I had to plow last thursday. Spring is coming. Hope everyone is good. Everyone is good here. Take care.


  16. Hey Bill. I want to thank you again for bringing those tires down to my fathers. CJ and I had a great day going to Matt's with you. I will check on the tires at Oneal's for you this Sunday and let you know.

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