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  1. Since it has Chain drive it might be an FP. It had the Mack E cab and Hood with Chain drive.
  2. It is based on an DM600 but was build by the Dutch company FTF. Fitted with an Detroit Diesel 12V71. The radiator behind the cab is as far as I know used to cool down the transmission. I think 4 of this configuration were build, all for the Dutch heavy hauling company Mammoet. Only one did get the cab extension.
  3. It is only an M-15. Pretty easy to spot, since it doesn't got planetary rears.
  4. I would say that is the back end of a Rogers Wobble Wheel trailer.
  5. This Mack F models seems to be an F800 or F900. It got the typical F800/900 front "fenders" and steps. The pulling truck at 2:25min is a Faun with an new engine ( Warter cooled 480hp Daf Inline 6 instead of the original air cooled Deutz V12 with 480hp)
  6. Just a bit of combining information from various sources. To all trucks I mentioned there a pictures available on the internet. I'm not 100% sure on the information regarding the F985 and F995 because you can't see the engine without tilted cab But the F9956 and the two planidrive version F997 and F9976 are pretty easy to spot. Found some soruces that claim the marrocan army macks are F800, but I got some doubts about that.
  7. If you have a close look at the model production list published by Mack, you will see, that there were 5 different Versions of Mack F900. Two of them were all wheel drive Version. In total 72 Mack F900 where build. 45 of them were F985, I think those are the Certified Concrete trucks. Most of the 15 F9956 should be the trucks for the moroccan army. But there is at least one used as heavy hauler in skandinavia, which is currently in restauration. And one was used by G.Pelletier as logger. 5 F995 were build, one of them is the belgian G.Belin heavy hauler (The only belgian F900) These three version all have the 80k rears Now to those with Planidrive axles. 3 F997 were build, two of them are used by the iranian heavy haul outfit Iran Dena. And 4 F9976 were build. One of them was used by the spanish heavy haul outfit Transmosa. I'm sure this one was sold to Alibert/Istrans. There is on english hevay haul Mack F serie which could be a F900, but it differs from all other F900. It is in 6x4 version, but unlike the other 6x4 it doesn't got a 23k frontaxle, and it use 90.000lb Clark axles. It also got a sleeper cab with raised roof (like many european Mack F700). So I think it is a rebuild but it is not clear if it really based on a F900 and not an F700 or F800. That is all information I found about the F900.
  8. Are you sure it is not the orginal trailer Corbett had. I've got two pictures showing the M75 in Corbett livery with trailer. The pictures are not the best, but it clearly shows a trailer very similar (I would even say it is the same trailer) to the one it got now. Even some details are the same. As example the vin/maunfacturer tag is on the same position. I don't have the copyright of these pictures so I can't show them, but I know I found them on the internet. Was there ever a salesheet of the M100SX published? I still planing to build a scale model, but I've got no reliable and useful information about this truck.
  9. Hoffman had a Mack M100SX, sitting in Queens at the moment. This is the former Corbett Mack M75SX including the trailer it had when it was owned by Corbett. The old Gerosa Mack M75SX is also somewhere in South America. As fare as I know all three were once together at Mashburn. From the informations I got both M75SX had a Cummins VTA1710.
  10. Does anybody have a datasheet with drawing of the LYSW? Would need a high quality scan of the drawing to build a scale model. I'm a bit confused about this LYSW since the datasheet I found in the Internet (without drawing) claims the LYSW has an Mack FA 901 tubular frontaxle. This LYSW seems to have the Mack FA 801 I-beam front axle. Could also need a LRSW datsheet with drawing (both version the one with the round frontfenders and the one with the square frontfenders)
  11. It got a Detroit 12V71. It is a DM600 modified by the dutch company Floor, also known as FTF. As fare as I know they builded three DM600 with Detroit Diesel 12V71 engine for some local heavy hauling companys. The whole cab and hood is sitting higher because of the space the engine needs. The length of the hood is not changed.
  12. That's not very good for me, since I always wanted to build a 1:87 scale model of the M100. But without any spec this is a bit problematic.
  13. Sadly they don't have the spec sheets of the M32 and the M100. Was there ever a spec sheet of the M100 published?
  14. It could be an early M32SX. There seemed to be three 3axle M-Series with the split window cab. The M15, the M32 and the M45. The early M32SX had the 8 spoke front axle like the LR and the CL350. Later they seemed to have changed the front axle to the 6 spoke version which the M45 is using.
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