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  1. If you are honest and look back in history all european came into the US illegal, or did somebody asked the native americans if they wanted the europeans to settle in their country?
  2. As "working man" or low wage worker I wouldn't want to live in the USA. I live in Germany, our education system is for free, even the universities. Everybody has a health insurance that does not cost a fortune and half of it is paid by the employer. We even have a goverment owned insurance system if you get unemployed. As low wage worker these are all things that save you from getting unemployed to homeless. Or from getting bankrupt because you are ill. And theoretically everybody has the same chance in education (in reality it still is easier for those from families with higher education).
  3. I give you an European perspective on where the Democrats and the Repulicans stand in comparision to the European political parties. The political views and aims of the Republicans would be seen in Europe as right wing politics reaching into the fare right, while the political view and aims of the Democrats are in Europe represented by political parties slightly right from the middle. Thats why I always have to laugh a bit if you call the Democrats, even does of the left wing, Commies. In Europe we have some political parties that are near beeing Commies or evolved from real communist parties.
  4. The RD800 was offered in AWD configuration. Not only in military applications but also in civil. The Mack RM was also available with Mack V8 (E9)
  5. Double Ugly is a M75 that started its working life at Corbett Rigging & Hauling, there it was called Geronimo. After working von Corbett it went to Mashburn and then Bechtel. Several years ago it showed up for sale at Link Heavy Haul. then pictures showed up showing it working again still in orange and black without any lettering. Last picture I have shows with freshly painted red cab. After being sold by Link I lost the track of the orginal trailer that it had since Corbett times. Some years ago there was a red M70 for sale with an old Hoffman 300t Rogers trailer but with an differen
  6. I looked through my photo archive. I found at least three Units with black chassis and red cab The Gerosa 100 (Details: pusher plate, additional steps between front fender and bumper, longer stepts on the right side, exhaust behind the cab, rear half fenders, turning light in fenders, two sets of front light, AC and beacon lights on the cab that were removed) This unit showed up as Marino and later on as Hake I've got a picture of a second Marino unit. (Details: pusher plate, some kind of oilfilter on the right side between front fender and bumper, name plate on the bumper, twin sta
  7. Gerosa had at least one LRVSW (Gerosa 100) and that went to Marino. And the truck shown in the first post ist the old Gerosa unit. Many details are unique to the Gerosa 100. Steps, blinker in the fenders, pusher plate (added by Marino) and many more.
  8. Since it has Chain drive it might be an FP. It had the Mack E cab and Hood with Chain drive.
  9. It is based on an DM600 but was build by the Dutch company FTF. Fitted with an Detroit Diesel 12V71. The radiator behind the cab is as far as I know used to cool down the transmission. I think 4 of this configuration were build, all for the Dutch heavy hauling company Mammoet. Only one did get the cab extension.
  10. It is only an M-15. Pretty easy to spot, since it doesn't got planetary rears.
  11. I would say that is the back end of a Rogers Wobble Wheel trailer.
  12. This Mack F models seems to be an F800 or F900. It got the typical F800/900 front "fenders" and steps. The pulling truck at 2:25min is a Faun with an new engine ( Warter cooled 480hp Daf Inline 6 instead of the original air cooled Deutz V12 with 480hp)
  13. Just a bit of combining information from various sources. To all trucks I mentioned there a pictures available on the internet. I'm not 100% sure on the information regarding the F985 and F995 because you can't see the engine without tilted cab But the F9956 and the two planidrive version F997 and F9976 are pretty easy to spot. Found some soruces that claim the marrocan army macks are F800, but I got some doubts about that.
  14. If you have a close look at the model production list published by Mack, you will see, that there were 5 different Versions of Mack F900. Two of them were all wheel drive Version. In total 72 Mack F900 where build. 45 of them were F985, I think those are the Certified Concrete trucks. Most of the 15 F9956 should be the trucks for the moroccan army. But there is at least one used as heavy hauler in skandinavia, which is currently in restauration. And one was used by G.Pelletier as logger. 5 F995 were build, one of them is the belgian G.Belin heavy hauler (The only belgian F900) These three vers
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