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  1. The Page box looks like that's your lift axle control. Knob is the regulator to adjust pressure to the lift axle bags. Gauge on top of the dash could be for brake application pressure. See if it rises when you hit the brakes. Kind of a useless gauge, I've seen Pete's with brake gauges. Either you have enough pressure to stop or you don't and you need to push the pedal harder. Don't need a gauge to tell you that!
  2. Wire to the drums looks like ABS. My 1980 dm686sx had a spring retracted lift axle. Trucks been retired and sitting as parts inventory.
  3. Interesting. Good pictures via the link. It's like a sideways camelback holding a walking beam. I've seen passenger trains with the sideways leaf springs. Looks like a complicated attempt at trying to be innovative. Or skirting around Mack's camelback patents.
  4. Trailer floor cut everything above the Penske trucks cab floor off, including driver seat. I bet it's all sitting inside the trailer. The Penske truck looks like a cabover. The tilt latch broke, and the tilt mechanism popped what remains of the cab up when Penske got passed the trailer.
  5. Looks like the Penske truck was a cabover...
  6. You have a picture of the inside of that trailer? I'll bet the driver is sitting there in the driver seat set on the trailer floor!
  7. My costs are a little different from typical trucking as we run a concrete delivery business. I'm not just operating trucks, I'm buying materials & manufacturing concrete. Currently it's just my dad and I that drive, and we fix our own trucks, but sometime soon I need to hire a driver and grow the business a little. I'm trying to come up with metrics to gauge what is reasonable to target for revenue/profit per employee.
  8. The easy answer is "as much as possible!" But I'm wondering if any business owners on the site here can tell me what kind of profit should be made per employee working for you. Looking for benchmarks to compare my family's business to as I take over ownership and management of it. Not necessarily looking for dollar amount, ratios would work well. I.E if you pay employees 50k/year and they generate 60k after their truck's maintenance and operating costs, payroll taxes, etc. Then it would be a 20% profit on them after their 50k is taken from the 60.
  9. Pictures showing the spring pack and the axle housing will do more to help people identify your parts than a close up of the elephant pads.
  10. Looks like crap, you're still burning coal or nuclear energy to move it, then when the batteries shit the bed you have to handle that environmental disposal headache and pay 25 grand for a new set of batteries. You can't road trip in it because gas stations aren't "electric" stations. Tesla's are just liberal status items, so you can tell your friends you have more blow money than them and that you are pioneering the environmental electric/automated car movement.
  11. Glad it was a cheap easy fix! You can do a lot of damage to an engine of you aren't careful!
  12. Lots of parts blowout diagrams when you Google airliner suspension
  13. But if you drive that fast no one will see the truck!! And that wouldn't be good!
  14. With rears that heavy it was a site truck? But it's too clean for a site truck!
  15. Did mechanic set the heads down on a table and crush the injector nozzle tips? Common for injector nozzles to stick into the fire chamber a little...
  16. Certainly saves a lot of money if your retired trucks can be parted out to keep your other trucks rolling.
  17. JoeH


    I need pictures of that truck hogging through mud. I've seen pictures of DMM's sitting, but I want to see action shots and videos.
  18. Works on an R model at least. Not sure about other brands/models.
  19. Trans can be lowered out of truck by removing floor; pass pipe through driver/passenger windows, sling rope around pipe, over the roof, around pipe, over roof, pipe again, roof again... Tie it off, now you have a makeshift lift to hang a come-along from to lower trans out. Tricks like this are how many if us get by without the "right" tools.
  20. That is a nice oil truck! The HD bumper looks nice on there. Seeing the crane in the background I suspect that Mack runs off-road fuel, not heating oil.
  21. Looks like you're set up pretty well! They're not much different from cars, just bigger components and bigger wrenches. Hood pops forward and most everything enginewise is easy to access.
  22. JoeH


    Not mine but looks fun to drive! If you have a big property with lots of mud I could see this being a fun toy! http://www.machinerytrader.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=MAT&OHID=184472551
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