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  1. Looked at both superliners at coopersburg this week and frame rails are shot.both are pushing apart almost a inch,these truck are no good unless rails are replaced, they are nice looking truck otherwise
  2. I've decided to put my 1985 Magnum up for sale,I bought the truck from Wisconsin sight on seen not knowing it was a Magnum until i got it home and seen the magunum stripes painted over,then i called mack museum in Allentown Pa and gave them the serial number and they confirmed it was a magnum and they registered it there at the museum.whem i got it the motor was apart,i completely overhauled the engine and thats about as much i have down to it.and i dont seem to have the time for it in the future.asking $20,000 firm that what i have into it with buying it and having the engine rebuilt.i dont want to deal with tire kickers i will get some picture up soon or you can call me (908)623-0764 thanks Dennis IMG_2851.MOV
  3. a friend of mine has one for sale,(908)413-3355 his name is Paul
  4. That truck was on craigslist in Wi ,they were asking $6500 for it ,when i called it was already sold but he had another one that i bought that turned out to be a magnum edition,the white truck doesnt run because the head gaskets were bad
  5. Is the on you have groomed with interior?
  6. Looking for a small superliner bunk with notch for the stacks,Let me know if anyone has one.Thanks
  7. I just brought a 85 mack magnum superliner., The head are off it, the previous owner told me head gaskets were bad,one cylinder is out of it also,which i dont understand why,the sleeves has alittilt rust from sitting,need some advise should i just hone and re ring them or buy new cylinder packs and does anyone know where the best place to get them.Thanks
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