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Found 15 results

  1. BMT is a great place to be. So good to be with people that apprrciates trucks as much as I do.
  2. According to the wiki production sheet all the RWLs were made in Hayward,CA from 1977 to 1984. I found a supposedly 1987 RWL788LST that apparently is the only one of its kind. VIN# 1M2U215Y1FM00185 The data plate and frame match and the plate is the Allentown PA plate. It has a Mack engine and a custom built for emblem on the steering wheel. I was going to add pictures of the data plate but I don't know how yet and look up the engine to see if it matched but the engine codes are not showing up in the wiki yet.
  3. Thunderdog.pdf The Superliner has been Sleeping for almost 2 years, and 6 years before that, its time to get it out and make a little smoke. She's got a good tune on, last time was 1100HP Plus and the Dyno stopped recording and was still pullin. The big thing this time is adding a Liquid to Air intercooler after the Air to Air. Pullin rules sort of suck but from what I see this is (inside) the rules everywhere. It should be good for 8-10% or 100-125HP on the top end plus more torque mid range. Reworked the intake tubes, fiberglass fan (rules), Turbo blanket, rapped Pipes, if any thing it is sure cooler on the fire wall and floor, a big differance. Anyone else Hot Doggin these V8's? Last time she was really let run was in 2006 as "Thunder Dog"
  4. ‚ÄčI see here if someone mentions a E9 that is sitting or possibly for sale it sparked interest. I have talked to many Guys through the years and everyone seems to know where several are. I have know of whole running E9 trucks go for $2500 mostly MH's. I could have bought a daily driven MH E9 with a 48' flat deck for $4000 back 10 years ago in Ohio, didn't have a place to keep it. Bought a good low mileage 94 CL engine last year for $6000 with a good double airride frame and 20K beam, an OK deal. I had rears so I didn't need them. It is EZ to have $20K in a rebuild these days. More and more there are stories of broken E9 trucks getting sold and repaired. What are they getting sold for before being fixed? What is the going rate for these engines/trucks running or not? I have heard that a crank can go for $10K, head $2K, inj. pump $3K. Some whole trucks are going for less than $10K and everyone is looking for parts from what I see. Parts/engines are out there so where are they and what are they really worth?
  5. Saw this on IronPlanet, it sold for $8750. Looks like it is in good shape, but the description says it didn't start. The reason why it wouldn't start was not given. Item #586001 The computer wont let me add the link for some reason.... Looks pretty loaded too, air window, air ride passenger seat, full gauges and I really how the spot lights look. Anybody on here buy it or know anything about it? Thanks
  6. I'm looking for either a plain steel or chrome bumper for an RW II I'm starting to restore. I can get new ones from Mack but the price is slightly ridiculous at this point in the restoring game. Consider it a starter bumper so I can get this flat piece of crap someone thought looked cool on my Superdog, off of it. Thanks for the help.
  7. I have a new grilledenser that is an obsolete item for us , it is aftermarket willing to make a deal on it ( MACK 76-83 Grilldenser RW,RWL,RWS 48 x 33 (RD4-3595-2)(hood mounted) 541-912-2549 or will@radiatorsupplyhouse.com
  8. I saw this truck in a field a few years ago and couldtn catch anyone at home I went today and they were there but Im sad to say they wont sell her it was the owners first truck he bought it new at Neely Coble Mack in Nashville and says he is going to fix it back up one day, thought someone might like the pics.
  9. Well I got another V8 Superliner its an85 with an E9 450, rtx 9 spd and mack 44k 4:64 rears and now I need stuff for it to get it into shape, I am looking for anyone who has any E9 or superliner parts for sale or trade. I think I can get it driveable to make it to the ATHS fall show in Cookeville in September all I need is tires and a wheel seal, maybe some front end parts and lots of elbow grease. I will take any elbow grease anybody has laying around too, I am gonna polish it out and see what Ive got, Ill probably paint the frame and engine and replace some interior parts to get her decent and off we go.
  10. I am looking for a new mattress for my Superliner, I need to measure for sure but I believe it is a 34" wide mattress with two corners notched for the exhaust notches in the sleeper does anyone know where to get a replacement?
  11. From the album: my trucks

    85 E9 450hp
  12. From the album: my trucks

    85 E9 450hp
  13. From the album: my trucks

    right side E9 450 V8
  14. From the album: my trucks

    85 Mack RW613 E9 450hp, RTX14609B trans, 44k 4:64 Mack rears double frame
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