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  1. Your Transmission is fine..... you need to switch to neutral to drop down half a gear or it will grind. Also only shift up under load and it will click in when you let off.
  2. How are you splitting? I flip the switch while my foot is on the gas, then let off and it shifts. If I shift while not under load, it will do what you describe.
  3. that aint 12r24.5, thats 12.00r24. Big boy rubber!!!
  4. I believe the granite (cv713) made until nov. 07 is the same chassis as an rd. The switch from cv to ct and ctp brought the change to a Volvo frame.
  5. That truck was one of the prototypes to the ac. Circa 1915ish. Taken outside the Mack building in Long Island by the looks of it
  6. An fksw is not a chain drive. On tandem chain drives of the time they were either powered by one chain, a separate chain going to from front to rear axle, two separate jackshafts and chains, or a dead axle with no power to it.
  7. its rough... Needs frame, bad paint job over everything to dress it up.
  8. This was in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. With the 8.2% ownership they get just over 14% voting rights. This for people who don't realize it is a huge voting share. Geely will have a big say in Volvo and Mack moving forward.
  9. $2500 seems fair to me. He is close with his 14 hrs. In Massachusetts, figure $110/hr so $1540.00 plus parts which will probably be a little for the then clutch for then for an international 4900, because a 427 is putting out more torque then a dt466. That puts you at $2500.
  10. I would suggest to reach out to Gary Mahan. He should be able to help you with everything you may need from parts to reproduction plaques. Try his posted email account of info@themahancollection.org first, and if that doesn't work, I will hook you up with his personal contact info. I just don't want to post it publicly.
  11. It would certainly work ok. It depends on how detailed you get on your restoration if you want to bother getting a reproduction of the original one or not.
  12. Just curious, What would make you think that? I was under the impression that AC-6 had 13 louvers in the hood instead of 10 on a regular AC.
  13. Not mine but I thought it was kind of cool. Most likely someone in the 30's or 40's was trying to bring new life to an older powerless AC. The installation is seamless. It drives the oem squirrel cage fan on the rear of the motor and used the stock rear mounted radiator. This could have been an up fit done right at a Continental engine dealership. Notice the double coil and double spark plug wires. Very reminiscent of the double redundancy of a fire apparatus. The engine is a straight six.
  14. I got a period correct Mack brand (made for them by Heil) body from Gary Mahan. We are redoing the dump and tailgate hinges, The pump, Piston assembly, Linkages, and any of cast pieces on the body. As far a the rest of the box, we are going to replicate it exactly. It will be riveted together like the original. This is really the only way to get dent free, rot free box that doesn't look patched.
  15. It was originally delivered to Allegheny County, Pa as a municipal dump truck. I don't really know anything beyond that except that it ended up with a gentleman who owned Shell gas stations in Wisconsin. He did a rough restoration on it. I bought it at auction 7 years ago. The truck will once again be a dump truck.
  16. Figure i might as well post some pictures of the restoration of my 29 AC. I wish I had the talent of and time as some of the others on here, but I have entrusted the work to the qualified hands of Matt Pfahl. We will start with the tear down....
  17. I have heard that $500,000 number. The wellington truck that brought $310,000 is a nice piece, but there are at least a dozen fj's kicking around. There are 3 fksw's, all of which are in the hands of serious collectors and will probably not come available any time soon. I guess the only real way to put a value on one would be to see what guys like Pat and Lou would pay to have one.
  18. Was that the firehouse themed restaurant in Worcester? When I was a little kid I loved going there to see the AC.
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