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  1. Do you have Mack CRD202-202-203 Tridem or a Meritor RZ166 Tridrive? Mack axle Power-Divider/Inter axle differential has automatic torque biasing and helpful for traction. In this case Inter-axle lock might suffice but Inter-Wheel diff lock will be helpful. The new Mack CRD180-180-181 Tri-Drive will have both Inter-axle and Inter-wheel lock.
  2. TM308 has un-synchronized range and more robust if used properly.
  3. 44,000 is also a Mack fab. steel axle - 44k GAWR with camelback suspension gets 11mm wall thickness while with Air Suspension (HAS/AL) will get a 14mm housing.Recently Mack Engineering approved 11mm @ 46k GAWR for camelback and 14mm @ 46k GAWR for Air suspension. If you have newer version of the housings (post - 2006/2007) then you can use at higher rating. You have a Cast ductile axle housing @ 65K GAWR with CRD95/96 carrier. This has been in production since 1945.
  4. "C" stands for Carrier The carrier P/N you are looking for with Power-Divider Lock-Out (CRDP202/PDLO/3.94 Ratio) is 21508361 (Mack alias 11KHA5479-P2 - Can't use this for ordering) The front Spiral bevel lapped set for 3.94 ratio is P/N: 25503211 Bull gear P/N: 25101491 (61kh436); Helical Pinion/Spur shaft P/N: 25101850 (56KH436) CRD92/93 has been out of production sine 2009 and will be hard to find. It has been replaced by CRD150/151 Mack axles are now assembled in Mack Powertrain plant in Hagerstown, MD. CRD202/203 might be replaced with a new carrier series before end of this year.
  5. The spur shaft bolt issue was internal threads on the Spur shaft being over-size (during heat-treat process of gears) which doesn't properly allow bolt to reach clamp load. Unfortunately, it was supplier creates issue and not design related. But end of the day it didn't matter to customer who was at fault. Now a process has been put in place to not repeat the mistake. Single bolt design is unique to CRD150/151 carrier family series.
  6. There will be a redesigned Mack Carrier launched end of 2018-early 2019. The new carrier will go away from single bolt threaded into the carrier housing concept to providing a flat surface on top able to mount the V-Stay with 4-studs. Is this other than M-Ride suspension (with V-Stay bolt stripping the carrier threads) you are talking about? What part of Mack carrier chunks are falling off?
  7. M is multi-speed reverse transmission (not range shift speeds but speeds in reverse where you select the reverse switch and then shift the stick as you would do going forward and picking up vehicle speed). So T310M has 10 forward speeds and 6 Reverse speeds. T310MLR will have multiple reverse speeds with creeper gear in forward (27.31:1) and reverse is 23.96:1. T310ME is extended output shaft with more clearance for rear counter-shaft mounted PTO's. T310ME21 is extended range that can be matched with 2100lb-ft torque producing engines.
  8. There used to be 20 models until 2-3 years back but now T306G, TM308, T308M, TM309 & TM309M are no longer available in production. Current models available T309, T309LR, T310, T310M, T310MLR, T310ME, T310ME21, T313, T313LR, T313 21, T313LR21, T318, T318LR, T318 21 & T318LR21.
  9. You have either a T310, T310M, T310MLR or T310ME. The input shaft seal P/N is 88AX454/25632356. The seal can be installed without pulling the input shaft out.
  10. It is a combination of suspension and axle housing that dictates the GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating). Different suspensions put different types of loads into the axle housing (Ex: Torque reactive Air suspension can twist load into axle housing especially with high C.G loads). Depending on the suspension the housings are tested under different load conditions (Ex: 2g to -0.5g vertical load while applying 1g lateral load for some spring suspensions as against a twist load ~ 150k in-lb for air suspension) for couple of 100,000 cycles. No cracks or failures are to be seen to allow high degree of reliability in the field. The max. rating is what axle housing (including spindles) are capable of withstanding. So a 11mm fabricated steel axle housing (tandem) can be rated to 46k lbs GAWR with a camelback suspension while it will be good only upto 40k GAWR with a AL401/HAS401 suspension.
  11. This is a different type failure than earlier one. The thru-shaft failure occurs only when extreme amount of torque passes through it during shock loading/clutch dumping type scenario. Mack Power-Divider does a true 50:50 torque split due to unique CAM mechanism and thru-shaft can see more torque than a conventional inter-axle diff on Meritor or Dana axles (in wheel-slip and other scenarios).
  12. The one bolt design to hold bevel gear onto spur/Helical shaft was introduced with CRD150/151 and is the only carrier series that has that design currently (CRD125/126, CRD202/203 or CRD95/96 have 3-bolt design). The issue you had coming loose is unfortunately not related to the design, it is the suppliers screwing up the heat-treatment and ending up with over-size threads. Bear in mind there are somewhere between 80,000-100,000 trucks in field with this design (Launched in 2009) and if it was a design issue we would have seen huge rash of failures in the field. The one's that have been analyzed show an over-size thread issue. More emphasis is being placed to control the thread size to avoid such issues in the future.
  13. You will soon be able to order input shaft, range synchronizer kits. Changes are happening including updating components and design to last longer.
  14. Triple countershaft transmissions are down because people don't know how to drive a manual transmission anymore. The fleets want mDrive as they can't retain or train drivers fast enough. Top mount double reduction axle is still significant portion of what Mack sells. It is standard option in Granite, MR and LE's. This is one component that is still "built like a Mack Truck". The L1 life for Mack axle is 500,000 miles for linehaul application (i.e 99% of axles will last that long without any failures). Some customer want watered down version of Mack axle b'cos it never breaks and expensive. Unfortunately, Mack axle does not have volume like Meritor or Dana axle. Mack axle is designed for worst case application and when it is advertised at 150,000 lbs (CRD150/151 carrier) it is for all ratios and does NOT come with conditions apply (unlike Meritor axle where only certain ratios are valid at high GCW and only if 100% load one way and 60% load return). There are some Mack carriers (CRD95/96) which were first designed in 1945 and still in production without any changes. Hub reduction expensive axles are no match to this Mack axle (this is coming straight out of a customer in Argentina who broke $40,000 Axletech axle in oilfield within couple of months while CRD95/96 did NOT have a single issue in 4 years. This is doing crazy stuff in oil field dragging 80,000 lb machinery literally on the ground).
  15. kt_Engineer

    C150 carrier problems

    Can you share some pictures. When you say wiring harness for locker device, did you get a REMACK with a inter-wheel differential lock when the original one did NOT have a inter-wheel lock? Did the original and REMACK have a inter-axle differential lock. When you say installing axles, I am assuming you are intending to say axle-shafts. The Left Hand side (Driver side) axle-shaft for diff. lock has longer spline but if your original version did not have a diff. lock and the REMACK version has a diff. lock (assuming it came with diff. fork and clutch), you will need to slide in axle shafts in a specific way to go across diff. clutch into the side gear of the differential. You should be able to use the REMACK carrier with the diff. lock on this truck.
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