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  1. Ray

    Jet Truck!

    I saw him back in the 80's when Atco Raceway had the diesel drags. Me and the girlfriend were standing in the bed of my pick-up, when he went by, he blew my passenger side door open, and knocked 2 cold beers off the roof,lol
  2. Ray

    Please Help

    Being that my wife is a Breast Cancer Survivor( 7 years and counting), It'd be my pleasure to click as many times as necessary.
  3. Ray

    Um Wut?

    I actually have a picture of an original B Model Mack yellow school bus. I took it at Gerharts a few years ago. I'll dig it out and post it if you want me to.
  4. We took with us: a rolling workshop in the trailer equipped with torches, spare tires, compressors, and spare parts to keep the convoy rolling. I'd love to see the inside of that trailer.
  5. As an EX big city street racer from the 80's, Im not judging you but street racing is bad news these days, the cops don't have a sense of humor about it anymore. Here in Texas it can turn into a Felony real quick if something goes wrong. Whatta ya mean cops have no sense of humor. Look at how we roll in Philly, the City of Brotherly Shove.
  6. The only thing i could do was ...shake my head. She is a down right homely looking gal,lol Good season E-A-G-L-E-S, now lets go STEELERS! Lets bring the Super Bowl back to Pennsylvania!
  7. Been a cop for 20 years and NEVER heard anything about quotas. In fact, I think they are illegal. The thinking in my department is simply this, we give you a fairly new car with a full tank of gas, A/C, Am/Fm radio, and a ticket book and tell you, we'll see you in 8 hours. Now, after driving around for 8 hours, YOU HAVE TO SEE SOMETHING THAT PEAKS YOUR INTEREST! Somebody has to cross your path who needs to be stopped and investigated. If they get away with a warning or a ride to HQ in handcuffs, well, that's up to you. ATTITUDE always worked for me, be respectful, and you got away with a warning. Cop an attitude, and buddy, I'm looking for things to lock you up for. Not write you a ticket, but arrest you! I still have a soft spot for truckers, and I sometimes take a lost driver right to the shipper's loading dock as a professional courtesy.
  8. Ray

    New Physical

    Scott, it's called revenue enhancement. Only the federal government could think up such a thing.
  9. I really enjoy looking at the very nicely restored R models, but I have to ask. Where can we get those spoilers below the front bumper? They really set off the front of the truck.
  10. As a "big city boy", we don't have this sort of activity. Although street racing is very popular here, i have to ask a question. How is it that three trucks broke traction and headed for the side lines? Too much torque, bad dirt surface? What gives?
  11. We all know the story of the Yellow Roadway Corporation. We all know how DHL funded Yellow Freight to buy out Roadway, and then USF. We all heard about USF attempting to buy-out YRC. Now it seems that DHL won't be flying domestic air freight in the U.S. DHL has contracted UPS to fly all domestic air freight in the U.S., thus making DHL, UPS' biggest customer. At a recent general body meeting of the Teamster's local, it was brought out that DHL, may in fact cease all U.S. operations. This would put about 450 people out of work here in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Then there is a rumor that Yellow may close Roadway. After what, a few years operating, Yellow knows Roadway's area of operations, billing process, dispatching and all the other things that make a trucking company as great as Roadway is. And to think how Roadway consolidated terminals so drivers from area terminals are'nt "tripping over" each other delivering freight to the same customer. Could Roadway fall to the wayside? I hope not. Could it be that DHL bit off more than it could chew? Is this another sign of european arrogance such as with the Mack/Volvo debacle? DHL owns a bank in Germany and has it hands in the postal system as well. Could the down turn of the economy be at fault? I remember when I left Overnite Transportation in 1989, I was told Carolina was closing and that there were only going to be 2 or 3 major common carrier trucking companies left hauling LTL freight. Is that time now? I believe that congressional hearing's will take place due to anti-trust issues. Things that make you go...........hmmmmm.
  12. I have a problem with the Islamic candidate wanting to implement a system of "card checks". When you vote in a union election, there will be NO SECRET BALLOT! Not only will the union know how and who you voted for, so will your employer. You union guys and those of thinking about unionizing, be careful, be VERY careful. I like the "Moose Shootin' Mama".
  13. Glad to see they kept the green R model. I took a picture of that truck at least 8 years ago, and it still looks as great as the last time I saw it.
  14. Mack 3P, sorry for the bad news. I wish you and those affected the best of luck. Niphilli, you're a "gink". Stop trying to justify Volvo's actions. We're not all that dumb, we know when someone pees down our leg and tries to tell us it's raining. Just another euro trash company destroying the livelihoods of good working people building what once was an icon of this country, now it is a questionable product at times. However, as die-hard Mack people, we will stand proudly by Mack,"The Greatest Name in Trucks". Ever hear that phrase, Niphilli? It means a lot to us and the good folks who work for Mack. Not putting Volvo concepts into Mack trucks, not building Volvo frames or using Volvo motors for use in Mack Trucks! Keep Mack,ALL MACK, you know the word, Pedigree? What's next, a sleeper with IKEA furniture? Come on..... Sorry for the rant, not much fishing in Cape May N.J. this weekend.
  15. Shirt, decal, either one will do for me
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