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  1. The other style is for the 713 correct? There is some difference in the frame width?
  2. Here you go......Remember the square baffle that was popular with Detroit guys in the 2 cycle days? this is on the truck and I thought that would be the first thing to go.........but it sounds so damn good I am keeping it.
  3. I have 2 and I know there are a few others out there. One is now in Australia too. I would love to find some of the long wheel base tractors I have seen in books and magazines that were out on the west coast. also a few truck and trailers.
  4. I took it down to the dealer's dyno and it only went to 1150hp and we pegged it with little effort! The E9 is also balanced and spins at 4000rpms..........sounds like a locomotive
  5. I believe the clutch and pressure plate play a big role. The one Superliner I bought that was doing some stock class pulling has a 4000lb BL plate and clutch in it and there was a spare in the side box! it takes some serious push to engage the clutch. Owner told me he started in 7th with the mack 18spd.
  6. Here is a pic of a 375 in a resto that Matt Pfhal did.
  7. TheENDT 864 option was a dual turbo engine with 255-350hp depending on set up. Of the few hundred produced most were the 255hp.
  8. Sharp truck! Sort of a blend of American and Aussie there. It appears to have started as a Value Liner V8?
  9. Okay, funny but true story about Mack Hayward. And the one about Zenon bringing the bulldog fountain that pumped voldka out his mouth will have to wait. But my friend Gary Bruseau..........his brother drove the Mack Christmas tree truck the last few years. Gary bought a new R700 with a Detroit in it and picked it up at the Hayward factory. On the drive home he noticed it wasn't handling well. after further investigation he noticed the frame was racked......in that it was a few inches longer on one side than the other. He took it back to the dealer and they wouldn't do anything about it. After several weeks of complaining and no action he finally went back to the Mack factory in Hayward and drove it right up the steps to the admin office..........got out and went to the receptionist who by then was surrounded by security. He demanded to see the manager who finally did show up. They took the truck back and rebuilt it!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I know it was right next to the existing Hayward airport.
  11. ok swishy............which one you like the best??/...................
  12. Note that the limited edition Titans have a fairly flat top hood. Not the slope like others. It really looks good!
  13. I remember those ads like it was yesterday. Too bad that Mack was so ahead of what is now the norm. They just did not have the holding power.
  14. what year did they start putting the inline fuel pump on? about 88/89?
  15. interesting that they use the M drive in Australia on the big Titans down there?
  16. Look good! I take it that the Allison is a better choice than the Mdrive?
  17. damn Mike sorry to hear that.........as for a nurse if the pretty one isn't available I understand Big Bertha is!!
  18. Post us a close up of the hood sides with the dog! Looks great!
  19. I was surprised to see the article on the Mack Value Liner! I had called Don at the museum in my quest to get some records I needed to satisfy customs. I had sent him that picture and he used it for the spot. I wish that the former owner Glen Menzie could have been mentioned as he bought it new and after 3.5 million KM the truck is damn near new. Great read about Steve as I have enjoyed following his posts and the pictures of his time with UPS. I remember seeing the truck in Yakima but never caught up with him. Steve, do you know the Osborne boys from Riverton? They had a few nice rigs at the Yakima show and I had a great conversation with the one. did not write his name or number down??
  20. the White was done by a guy in Rogue River, OR. He also did the Pistol Pete with the V12 Detroit which I understand went to Jay Leno.
  21. Say, is there a long pull of a hill when you come out of the old Bethlehem steel plant? It would have been in the direction you are coming from?
  22. I toured the Pete factory and saw all of the Paccar stamped parts. There is little difference now between a KW and Pete in fact they are sharing the same cab. While I was wandering around talking the biggest complaint the workers building the old cabs was that Paccar was forcing the end to the cab even though it was the number one cab ordered. Just ask any long time KW user and they feel the same way as the Volvo Mack connection. Give the success of the new Paccar engine I think the Mack nameplate has a better chance of growing than current Paccar products. I was interviewed in the KW magazine last month regarding the 1957 KW I restored. The editor wanted nothing to do with discussing "Paccar" As for being a stock holder in Mack when it was delisted form the NYSE, a lot of folks lost a lot of money.
  23. Andy from Canada has his beautiful B 61 for sale. I have never seen it live but from pictures it is quite a piece of work.
  24. No craiglist on any of my stuff. Yes, and once you tear stuff apart it costs a lot to put it back together. Mike, too bad we did not meet up in Yakima??
  25. I have one of each and LTL and LTH. I am currently working on the LTL with the intent to sell it. I thought perhaps someone might be interested early and changes could be made to the suspension, engine, etc. Currently, I am working back to original with a 275 Cummins super charged, Mack duplex, 3spd Brownie, Mack rears with 5.72 ratio. If interested PM me and we can discuss further.
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