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  1. Selling it in the PGH area. Here is the craigslist ad fellas: http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/5750794945.html Need it gone ASAP! Text me at 412.951.0537 if need for info.
  2. HES

    I am in need of a couple rear 5 spoke Dayton hubs, curious if you would have a couple laying around?  I have a rear cut off with hub piloted and my current 5 spoke have 3 of 5 ears busted off.  4129510537 Ian.  Thanks 

  3. I have a 2000 RD688 I'm looking to sell. 28k aluminum body. Text me for pics 4129510537
  4. I second this... I have a 2000 which I assume is the same as the 1999.
  5. Ranchhopper I lost your email. What is it again?
  6. Have a complete cutoff section from a 44K camelback set up. Not sure if bushings are good and torque rods look a little loose. I took the 5.32s that came with the cutoff out and have the 4.42 diffs from my current truck that go with it. The front diff is junk but back one is in good shape. Not sure if value so some input would be much appreciated. I believe they are 17 spline axles and hub piloted hubs. I am located 20 mins east of Pittsburgh PA. I can take and send pics of anything that is questioned. Thanks!
  7. My 2000 RD i just swapped in 5.32s from 4.42s and top speed without switching the dips in the Speedo is 58mph at 1600 rpm. Its couples with mack t2130 13 speed and crushes up and down hills once it gets going. Need to get the dip switches figured out to get some more top end. Anyone have insight on max rpm while highway cruising?
  8. Good to here you're getting back to work. I just went through my rear diff and it cost me a pretty penny going right into Christmas. Do you have a Mack trans mated to the 460?
  9. I had a guy push on the clutch while i looked through the inspection port. Everything looks to be moving ok. Can't tell if pressure plate springs are moving but judging on pedal pressure there is Nothing there. Checked all around for Broken parts and nothing. Would no lightning bolt light be a problem and how do I use the override button to atleast try to get the load dumped.
  10. I'm going to try and explain this as easy as possible... 2000 RD688s 460 E7 13SP maxitorque. Ran the truck for solid 2 hours first thing in the morning and after my 2nd load i notice the bed not going all the way up. Check the hydro fluid to see its a bit low, fill it up and proceed with the dump. Truck is idling no problems, go to depress the clutch and slide into reverse and noticed a little more effort to get it into gear. Slides into reverse then then start backing up, have to stop so depress clutch again and BAMMMM. Load noise from trans im guessing and clutch has no pedal and now stuc
  11. Man I would love to have a Mack buddy at the dealership. My 460 pretty much stops accelerating at 70 mph no matter what. Could use a little more top end.
  12. Problem has been solved....air cylinder was definitely on its way out. Also found that the exhaust port on the gate valve (4 way with 5 ports total) was either pinched or plugged not allowing air to exhaust through valve. Valve has 2 ports on one side and 3 on other (aro valve)
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