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  1. no shut down lights doesn't come on. ABS Light, Electronic Malfunction Light and Parking Brake light and fuel gauge remain on while ignition is off
  2. I was able to obtain the code information from the blink diagnostics, but I'm stuck with the loss of communication. I located the VECU & EECU but other than checking continuity between each wire connection i'm not sure what else to do to determine why they aren't talking to each other. Any thoughts?
  3. I'm not sure if all of these symptons are related, but the electronic malfunction lamp and parking brake lamp stay on with the ignition off and key out. Retrieved a trouble code of 6-4 from Electronic Malfunction lamp. Recieved a touble code of 7-3 from the ABS Light. Truck starts/runs/drives normal. Any insight would be much appreciated!!
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