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  1. I got a project engine that came with an Allison model 3000 hooked to it. How does it come off? I unbolted the bolts trough the bell housing and can only get them separated about 5/8”. I was thinking it would just pull apart like a car tranny.
  2. Swishy, you forgot to chain the tractor down.
  3. I’ve wondered and heard the same thing. 0
  4. Here’s what I came up with. It works very nice 2 out of the 3 ways I wanted, so I’m skipping the lay down function. I remove 1 pin from the drivers side lower barn door hinge and put it in the passenger side top hinge to spread. The gate opens all the way around and hooks open with a welded D-ring to stay open. I added s turn buckle type latch on the top of the passenger side to keep the gate secured when closed in barn door mode. Well I updated to a newer phone from my iPhone 4 to a 8. Now I’m part of the people that apparently can’t post pictures. I had some in this reply and they failed to upload.
  5. Can you get me a picture of that? I’m in the early planing stages of a report project for my B.
  6. Hobert62


    Looks like it would do a wheelie if ya hooked a trailer to it.
  7. Happy birthday! and love the boots and shorts.
  8. You think he just did a u turn and the trailer was too heavy and it fell over?
  9. Ok. I just watched the video and I’m just gonna say, FUK NO!! i think this is how it would go at the top. Hey joe hand me the”insert tool here”. I don’t have it I thought you got it. No, I thought you grabbed it. Well we need to fix the flux capacitor. I don’t have. Who’s going for it? *#+~ ^*+#%€ ******!
  10. You guys are all a bunch of sissy’s. Heights don’t bother me at all, when I’m standing on the ground looking up at them.
  11. So you mean it will start every time, go get the job done, and make it home whenever called upon?
  12. While replying this ad came up on the bottom of my screen
  13. That’s the brand my grandparents have and they are very happy with it
  14. I assume you mean the geo. When I stuck mine in they said I’m about as far north as is practical to strictly use it alone. Around here people prefer a closed loop system that circulates an anti freeze through the ground loops instead of circulating the ground water through the heat system. Same thing except easier on the geo unit because water being circulated through is going to bee clean
  15. I agree. Looks like the cab guard is actually bent up in the center from the cab.
  16. My in-laws have a heat pump as there only heat source and so do my neighbors. I don’t think they are a bad option and not overly costly to operate. I put a geo thermal unit in mine when I built and it’s very similar except has a under ground heat exchanger. Both systems have a heat swing but not as bad as a forced hot air because they are more like a forced warm air instead, with a lower temp of the air being pushed into the room. My parents house had just electric base board and with the newer oil filled models not that bad of an option. The heating element is in an oil filled tube so when it shuts off it retains some heat a little longer. They added a gas fireplace a few years ago and their house is much warmer in the winters now compared to when I grew up. Their gas fireplace is a sealed vented unit that’s built into a wall and works very good as an addition heat source. May be an option for ya. Theirs is propane. I’m considering building one in my house for the additional heat & just the affect of having a fireplace. My grandparents had a ductless heat pump installed and love it. It looks like a normal heat pump outside but inside there is just a wall unit mounted on one wall close to the ceiling. I think it also works as ac in the summer. They have oil hot water as their primary furnace but wanted to get away from being stuck with high oil prices the other year.
  17. Other brands would have fit at my place. Just saying, I offered. Lol
  18. My guess is superliner because the front of the fender looks slanted where the headlights go.
  19. There’s still quite a few running around in my area of central Pa.
  20. The one I remember looked just like a hand powered pump pallet jack. I think it was grey in color and had a cat on it i think. I don’t have a forklift but I do have several jacks I can use to make one. I want it to be semi portable
  21. Somewhere I saw a picture of a heavy duty engine stand that looked similar to a pallet jack. Does anyone have one or a picture? I’m looking to build one.
  22. Guess he’s a little better lawyer.
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